Naim Fraimlite Cherry scratches

Whilst moving house have ended up with a couple of scratches on my cherry Fraimlite. Anyone know which varnish is a good match to cover these? Or do Naim sell a touch up kit?

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Try Restor-A-Finish from Howards. It’s excellent at blending minor marks and scratches.

If you want the job done perfectly then look up French Polisher in yellow pages (or web equivalent nowadays) sometimes these guys are a lot cheaper than you think and they can work wonders.

I think Naim are missing a trick here. They could probably sell tiny bottles at a huge mark up

Thanks for that recommendation it seems like just what is needed

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I have used felt tip pens and cheap pack of acrylic paints to touch up scratches on furniture.

Plus if the Fraim is fairly new the cherry finish darkens quite a lot over time

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I’m quite lucky, my closest friend for the last 45 years is an award winning French Polisher and does jobs like that for me.
Sadly, it always takes him months🤦🏻‍♂️

I would get some wood dye - Littlefair Interior Wood Dyes can be found on Amazon, and there is probably a cherry variant - and apply with a soft brush a couple of thin coats (allowing time in a warm room for the liquid dye to dry properly), then sand down with glass paper, and finish off with a couple of coats of something like Danish oil.

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