Naim Frame - Parts

Hi does anyone know if it is possible to buy Fraim legs separately? I need my Nova to move down and make way for my new turntable which needs to sit on top of my Fraim (for obvious reasons). I need either intermediate or long legs to replace the standard legs on one level so that I can access the volume control. I do not need another platform, cups and balls or the toughened glass, just the legs. Is this possible?

Yep, the legs, with the threaded inserts, are available from your dealer.

They are easily exchangable - thats one things fraim’s comfort is about.
I read in an (older post) that they are around 150 € a triplet.
Could be wrong - the dealer will know.

I paid about $250 total (with tax/shipping) from my dealer for a set of three medium stanchions and bolts.

If you are getting a Rega turntable then their wall shelf is the best thing. A lot cheaper than another set of Fraim legs too.

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