I have an HDX which is still going strong after 11 years. I have about 2800 CDs recorded, which I can see when I look at the Music Store in the Tools section of n-Serve.

But when I look at the album list I only have 2200 Albums showing. I can look down the list and spot the missing ones.

Should I do a DB Rebuild and will that risk damaging all the manual title, artist and tracklist referencing I have done?

Any helpful advice appreciated.

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The rebuild database function should not change anything or lose your edits, so give it a try.
Do you have a backup in case the drive is developing a fault? If not that would be my first priority with this issue on an old device.
Are the albums all CD rips made on the HDX rather than added from elsewhere? Did you use N-Serve to edit them?
Were any of the problem albums ripped very recently?
Is the firmware up to date?

Sorry for all the questions, but your answers may help to narrow down any issue that’s causing this problem.

Oh thanks ChrisSU. Yes, all the albums were CD-rips on the HDX. The files are on a ReadyNAS Duo so backed up. And they were all edited on N-Serve. I probably add about 15-20 CDs only a year now. And I’m pretty sure the Firmware is up to date but it hasn’t changed for a while has it? How do I check if the Firmware is current?

The latest version is 1.7c which was not widely publicised by Naim so you may have missed it. If you phone Naim support they may be able to post you a CD of the update. It’s worth doing in any case as it ensures that it uses the correct online databases to search for metadata when ripping.

I checked. I have got 1.7c (I think they sent me a CD). So I will have a go at rebuilding the database.

Good luck! Hopefully that will resolve your problem.

Hi do you mean this is an additional copy of the data?

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