Naim HDX-SSD confused... any help appreciated


New to the forum, longtime Naim supporter.

I recently came across a Naim HDX-SSD and DAC combination that I think could potentially replace my Bryston BDP/BDA combination, with the addition of ripping CDs. I should begin by saying that I am not extremely technical as a “network administrator” :sweat_smile:

When I got the Bryston, I was able to establish a Network connection with the player, and attach an external hard drive to the network. Problem is, I did it so long ago I don’t remember how I did it.

I am an Apple user, and when I go to the “network” under system preferences, I can see the HDX on the network. This was a previously owned product, so I do not know the user name and password to connect to the HDX. Alternatively, I can see my home computer in the “network stores” window of the HDX user interface, but when I try and establish a connection with my computer username and password, the best that happens is the connection is “established”, but the status moves from red to amber… never green.

I guess I am wondering if it makes sense to reset this to factory settings. I am completely lost how to do that. Basically all I am wanting to do:

  1. Establish internet connection with HDX so that meta-data can ultimately be pulled when CDs are ripped.
  2. Establish a connection with an external hard drive. I believe this hard drive would be where CD wav files are ultimately stored once ripped, and I would be able to pull flac files that I have purchased over the years (HD Tracks, Qobuz, etc.) The HDX-SSD that I have does not appear to have the 2TB drive to store CDs internally, so I would have to establish a network connection.

That’s really it. Currently, it does work as a transport and does recognize usb thumb drives and plays flac files. I know it works, I just cannot figure out how to establish a network connection.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hi, my first question would be have you read the manual?! Tedious, I know, but the HDX was produced back in the day when Naim produced comprehensive manuals, and I think you’ll find answers to some of your questions there.
You do not need to log in to the HDX on your Mac. It confuses everybody, but this would only be required by Naim service dept for maintenance. You just connect as a guest.
If your Mac can see the HDX, you obviously have a network connection, so online metadata lookups should happen automatically. However, you should check the firmware version, as thus will work better if it’s up to date. The latest is 1.7c, and the easiest way to do it is to phone Naim, or a dealer, who should be able to send you the update on a CD.
Ideally you should use a NAS to store your music files. Setting it up will probably require some head scratching, but once done, it’s pretty trouble free.

Hi hucklbee,

You need to set up network shares & music stores via the HDX, not the MAC.
A network share is a folder that is held on a device on the same network with read/write permissions that should be automatically detected by the HDX and may require enabling in the Network Shares section in the GUI menu. An amber dot next to the share generally means that the share is being updated (this can take some time depending on the amount of data held in the share).
A music store is the same as above, however the HDX has control of the content, so ripped albums & metadata appear here. The contents of this folder should not be modified via external means, as this may corrupt the control SQL database (in the HDX).
Create a folder on your network device (NAS, MAC etc.) share it read/write with everyone. When it appears in Manage Network Shares in the HDX menu, go to Music Stores, select add new store, select the share, promote it to music store status.
If the above steps are successful, you should then be able to rip a disc & it should appear in the HDX’s music library.

If you can get this to work, then you can experiment with password protection if you wish.

Hope that kind of makes some sense!


Edit: Unfortunately, there is no “restore defaults” function on the HDX. Just delete all of the network shares & music stores that do not apply to you, just to save any confusion.

Thank you for the response. For some reason, the big thing I am having an issue with is establishing a connection. The HDX can see my computer on the network shares subfolder, but I cannot tell If I have successfully captured a connection. The best I have gotten so far is an amber status dot. Further, I tried to just make a folder of an external hard drive sharable (read/write privilages), but it is not visible on the HDX when I go to the “refresh network shares” option. I vaguely remember that I had to establish an smb connection with the Bryston to make it visible on the network, but I’m so lost I don’t know where to begin. I did read the manual, but it didn’t present itself very well.

Is there an option to talk to a live resource in the UK or stateside? My guess is that I am not doing it correctly because I don’t have basic network experience, but someone with a lot of network experience could walk me through the steps to establish a connection.

hucklbee - don’t panic!

Contact and ask for Henry - he’s pretty good at networking stuff.


… that’s cos he’s learnt from D and C in IT! :grinning:

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