Naim Hdx ssd

Can the Hdx ssd be used as a stand alone CD player, without connecting to the internet, to check the mechanics of the cd drive laser etc.

Yes, it can play CDs. You will probably find that it’s in Rip mode, so just set it to Play mode and a CD should play automatically when loaded.

Hi Chris,
I have tried that and it didn’t work, I was then asked to set it to cd replay as before and go through the power down and up routine to make sure it was in the memory, this didn’t work either.

I bought the Hdx ssd a couple of days ago and wanted to test it, stand alone as I have no internet facility at present.
I received the following from Naim:

I’ve had a chat with the relevant folks, and it does sound like the HDX is actually functioning as it should - for reasons best known to R&D, it won’t play ball unless it’s connected to the network/internet, and the only way to do this is to connect an ethernet lead into the back of the unit. This may prove to be somewhat impractical, but unfortunately it’s the only way the HDX can operate to its full capacity. Certainly when it comes to starting to rip your CD collection to a NAS drive, an ethernet network connection will be essential.

So, you are indeed doing everything right in terms of settings on the unit’s display & such like, just the ethernet connection that needs to be made.

The hdx can be used in standalone mode without Ethernet connection. It’s written on the Hdx manual. Found it by google search. But you will probably not have informations on the screen.

Could you set your mobile to be a hot spot and then temporarily connect the HDX to it with a lead in order to access the internet? As least you could then swap to CD mode. Hopefully, anyway.

I wasn’t clear with my reply, when I changed the setting to play cd mode it did go into that mode and in memory. When I then placed a cd in the drive and closed the drive it took a few seconds and reopened. I am not able to hook up through a mobile phone.

Ah ok, so it just won’t play CDs unless connected to the internet. Strange.

If your HDX is in proper working order you should be able to use it as a CD-player after changing the settings under: System → System Settings → Rip or Play mode.

You may download the desktop application as it, imho, is easier to configure the HDX that way rather using the app or the HDX own configuration. If you bought it pre-loved maybe the former owner has altered the settings there (or even worse altered the system in some other way, the HDX runs on a Windows operating system). Have you tried to disable the internet connection there instead of plugging and unplugging the Ethernet cable?

Given the age of the HDX it may need to be serviced, I had mine serviced twice, the last 12 months; first a hardware service and later replaced the hard drive along with a fresh installation of the OS. It acted “funny” prior to the service (not reading certain discs and unexpected shutdowns) now it’s as good as new.

Lastly, I don’t have my HDX connected to the Internet as the image show, only connected to the local network and it plays disks just fine.

The following explanation was given to me by one of the original Hdx ssd design team member :

For the cd to work it needs a Music Store defining, as it doesn’t have an internal one.

Once that Music Store is setup (so a share on NAS is defined as the place where music will be ripped) then the system can act as a ripper or CD player

It’s a bit quirky but it comes from where the primary product use-case is that it’s a ripper. When in CD player mode it rips and plays at the same time (then bins the rip), so gets annoyed that the basic configuration of the unit hasn’t been done.

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