Naim HeadLine 2 - Sticky Volume Knob

Hi All,

I came to own a used NAIM Headline 2 (2020 manufacturing date) today and I couldn’t be more pleased about the results. Previously I was listening through my Nait XS2 and the HeadLine is a significant improvement.

Overall I’m pleased with the condition of the unit with one exception; the volume knob is a bit rough in the bottom 20% of it’s range. It works fine but feels like it’s rubbing against something or there’s an issue with the volume pot.

Any thoughts on how I might trouble shoot or fix the problem? Should I just bring it to a tech?

Thanks in advance for any of your thoughts.

Is the knob pushed in too far and rubbing against the fascia?

That did cure it for my Nait 5 a few years ago indeed.

I can’t tell for sure, but that’s what it feels like. My first instinct was to just try and pull it outward a bit but I thought I was concerned I might damage the controller. I’m assuming it went on that way and should come off the same, am I correct?

Years ago, I had another brand of amplifier that had a similar problem it was cured my pulling the knob out by a mm.

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On the Headline 2 the pot is fixed rather than floating as on the original (a better pot - ALPS Blue - was used to compensate) so you should be OK to try pulling it out a mm.

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