Naim Headline to.Nac 252

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Been trawling the forum now for over an hour and I cant get no firm answers,or is it me.Anyhow have a dedicated psu for the headline which is connected,but what is the connection to the 252 for the captive 5 pin din.Do I connent to a din in/out or merely to a din out.One answer has been connect to the tape in/out din,but this does not exist on the 252.Is the HDD din the same animal?,and what exactly is this HDD connection which is on the back of the 252.Again any help gratefully appreciated.

Thats sorts that,a definitive answer.On the subject of connections what the best connection to use if I have a rega aria phono stage.I intend using the aux 2 din in.Am I correct??

That’s what I use for phono. Those pin outs on the back of Naim components are really useful.

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Having had a further rummage through the questions and answers about connecting a phono stage to a nac 252,I was confident that the Aux 2 din connection was the way to go.However some people have said they use the Aux 1 which is a in/out din as opposed to the Aux 2 which is just a in configuration.In what instances would you use these in/out dins in preference to just inputs.The phono stage will be a Rega Aria Mk 3 which will replace the existing Stageline.

It doesn’t matter. A standard 5 pin Naim interconnect has 3 pins actually connected, which provides the input signal only. The other 2 pins are the “out” but won’t be connected, and a non recording device won’t be “listening”. In other words, input on an “in” socket, and input on an “in/out” socket is the same.

Sorry about the confusion but I was under the impression the in/outs and the ins only were a different 5 pin configuration.So if they are are all the same layout,then are all 5 pin connections within the lead wired up.Reason I ask is because I remember reading somewhere on this forum is that some leads have to be wired differently because of the possibility of creating a earth loop when using the tape in/out socket.Must admit I am slightly lost.But I certainly dont want to risk damaging anything with a wrong connection.

There are quite a few different 4 and 5 pin DIN configurations used across the Naim range. They make it easy for you by putting a little pin diagram next each socket on the rear panel, as well as in the manual, so you can see exactly which pin is used and what for.

(Sadly I notice that they don’t bother with this any more on the New Classic range rear panel, and comprehensive manuals are a thing of the past, but for all the Classic and earlier gear the information is there.)

Hi Chris,
I think my original question was about the proper connections to be made to the rear of my 252.There are six 180 5 pin din connections,3 are marked as inputs,3 are marked as inputs/outputs.The former has 3 pins connected,thd other has 5 pins connected which ss you states is shown in the relevany diagram at the back.Both these configurations are showing that they are wired differently,hence the confusion to me anyway.I have a non naim source being connected namely a rega phono stage and a rega cd/dac player.These connect to the Inputs only I assume,I also have a naim headline which I have been told connects to the in/out 5 pin din.(Choice of 3).So what would the other in/outputs be used for,and what is the hdd in/out.Still no wiser.

You can ignore how the Dins are marked. The in/outs are from the bygone days of tape recorders, so you can tape something but listen to something else. One thing you should do is mute the lower tape inputs on the front panel and select the furthest input away from the one you normally use above it, if that makes sense?

The 3 circled are in/out. 5 pins connected.
The others are in only. 3 pins connected.

A regular Naim “signal in” interconnect has 3 wires inside.

So it doesn’t matter if you are using an in or an in/out with a regular “signal in” interconnect as you are only ever plugging to the 3 input pins.

If you use a fully wired “in/out” interconnect, this will always work as an “in” but will only work as “out” with the hdd/av/aux2 sockets.

Ok Robert thanks for that.If all these connections are 180 dins,what would tell me whether the actual lead was wired for 5 pins or 3 pins.Are these 3 pins leads distinguished externally from their 5 pin counterpart.Because if they weren’t you obviouly would never know.Or are the fully wired 5 pin dins a rarity these days.It all seems a bit hit or miss if specifally needed a fully wired lead.

Typically it would be 4 phono plugs on one end, din on the other, for use with eg a tape recorder.
The headline has a captive lead, you don’t need to buy an interconnect. Just plug it to one of the 3 in/out sockets.

Just connect the captive lead from the headline to any of the hdd, av or aux 1 sockets. Power the headline from your PS with the slic lead. Don’t overthink this. It will work.

Thanks to all,
Pretty confident now in what it all means.In my own mindset I certainly like to understand what these connections all do,but at least we,ve finally got there.

The FAQ may also help you here;

Having had all this finally sorted,I now have another question.I,m wishing to integrate a yamaha AVR with my existing naim system.If I come from the existing preouts on the back of the Yamaha AVR with twin RCAs do I connect into the av in/out din connection on the back of the naim preamp.Would it be a std 5 pin din plug used.I had this arrangement when I paired my old Denon AVR with my old nac 202 and it worked okay.But again disconnected everything before taking note of all relevant connections.Again the elements of doubt creep in.Any suggestions.

Yes, twin rca to 5 pin din plugged into av input, av bypass switched on so volume is controlled by the denon.

Hi Robert, Thanks for the swift reply,av in,it is then,but again not appearing too cautious this will be okay to the connections marked on the 252 as av in/out.I know you,ve already talked about this on an earlier post,but I have to ask.
Without breaking the bank would any brand of cable do here,as I assume its only carrying power and not a signal.But then again I could be wrong!!

The output on the din socket won’t be connected unless you buy an interconnect that’s 5 pin din to 4 rca phono plugs. Naim’s own lavender is recommended and inexpensive 2nd hand. Or chord cobra.