Naim headline

Been looking at getting a headline for late night listening at home, could it be connected to my Nait 1 and LP12 somehow, I have a Hi-Cap too I could use if required or buy the power supply too. Looking at the connections on the back I can’t figure out how it gets the signal from the TT (if it’s even possible), thanks.

You can use the Hicap via a SLIC cable to power the Headline. You still need to use the tape socket (for audio output) to connect the Nait 1 to the Headline.


As James says, you just need a SLIC lead (for the Hicap to power the Headline). Assuming it’s a DIN Headline (and assuming it has not been re-wired) then you just connect the captive interconnect on the Headline to the TAPE IN/OUT on the NAIT.

Thanks fellas, so could I listen to the Sondek through the Nait / Headline? Surely if you have tape selected it wont play the sound if the Sondek is connected to the Nait?

You don’t select tape, because you’re just listening to the REC output which is always on.

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Just select the input you want to listen to as if you were trying to record from that source

Cheers guys, so you’d basically just use the Nait as usual and select whichever output you would normally do to listen to that source i.e. tuner when the UQ is connected, and so long as the headline is conneted to the tape output it send the signal via that path to the headphones?


Don’t forget to turn down the volume control on the NAIT…otherwise you’ll annoy everybody who is trying to sleep :). The “Line/tape output” is fixed level, so use the volume control on the Headline.

To power the Headline, you can use anything from a NAPSC to a Supercap.

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The tape out on naim pre amps and naits must require power?
If I try to listen to my headphone amp with the 72 powered down, nothing.
Previous pre amps (MF) could be off and all was good.

Yes, they’re not passive devices

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As always, thanks for your wisdom gentlemen.

One last thing, could the HC still run a 32.5 as well as a headline ? So I could use it on my main system simaltaneously?

A HiCap powers just ONE device.


Ah I see, may have to buy the napsc then after all…thank you.

@Lewis - A NAPSC or any other Naim Power Supply…

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… and indeed, somewhere on t’interweb is a photo of a headline being powered from a Supercap…I kid you not!

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I did that briefly while waiting for my Violectric V281 to arrive. It was better than the Hi-Cap, but not by much, well into the limitations of the Headline by then.
V281 is far superior to my ears.


There’s always one isn’t there. “Why did I do it?..Because I can!” :laughing: :laughing:

But seriously,

I have both an (olive) Headline and a (black) Headline2. At various times, I have powered them from NAPSC (tin box), NAPCS2 (black) and olive Hicap, using modest Sennheiser HD420 & HD650 cans.

Yes, there are SQ differences between the various combinations, but currently the olive NAHA in my wife’s office system is powered by an olive-era (tin box) NAPSC, and my NAHA2 in my system is powered by a NAPSC2.

The olive Hicap sits on a bookshelf behind my desk and provide a sitting space for a cat (there’s a picture somewhere on the pet thread).

Yep. And it’s usually me!

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I replaced my NAPSC2 with a HC 2 into the Headline 2 and the SQ improvement was significant. This was through Sennheiser HD 660 S cans.