Naim Hi-line Pre-Loved

I am looking to buy a Pre-loved or ex-demo Hi-line but they seem rather fragile. I believe Naim will fix them FOC if you are the original owner, I assume this doesn’t extend to subsequent owners. I have concerns it may end up being false economy to buy pre-loved if the cable breaks, so do any of you have experience of buying pre-loved and then have the cable then fail?

I’ve just bought (another) pre-loved Hiline as other pre-loved ones I’ve had (2) were fixed with no questions asked.


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I do and said link was replaced without question.

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What are they worth - never even got mine out the box. Free with the ND555.

Heard zero deference with my NDS over lavender or black
But others swear by them…

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Time to consult an audiologist?!!!

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If you want to buy one new from a Naim dealer, then £750 or thereabouts I believe…


Nice. Shame they didnt just discount the ND555 then without it, because Im using the Chord Music… Might be worth using as a trade in! thats a Naim Fraim base!

I bought a pre-loved 6 months ago and has been fine. No experience on the repair front though. As for the sound quality improvement, definitely worth it! I paid £325 for mine and consider it a bargain when used on my NDX2/NAC282.


I bought a s/h Hi Line DIN-DIN on ebay a few months ago, for less than half of cost new. It looks mint. At the time I had a Nordost Heimdall II RCA-RCA on loan from my dealer, so I was able to compare them side by side on my NDX2. The Hi Line is better and that’s what i kept. It has no need for service in anyway case.

The improvement over the lavender DIN cable was more subtle than dramatic, but worth getting for the price I paid. I don’t think the improvement is worth buying new, IMO.


If Naim are quite flexible in repairing a pre-loved Hi-Line then definitely worth the change over the stock lavender cable. I bought mine new and i had to send it off to be repaired, even after very light handling, but since the repair, it has been as robust as any other cable that I have used in the past. It’s a plug in and forget cable once well fettled and a superb one at that. I really like the hi-Line, it breaths new life into my system over the supplied stock cable. Go for it I say.


Really? My god. It’s night and day. You have it hanging free right with no broken rings? I’ve herd a hiline a/b against a £2500 rca magnetic connecting core thingy sorry can’t remember the brand. It was hooked into 500 system and it absolutely blew The £2500 out of the water, that’s probably why I can’t remember the name of the brand. It’s slightly concerning to me that a fellow audio nut doesn’t feel it’s worth the money or can’t see the benefits . Hilines are simply the collective knowledge of naim audio excellence in what they have done for so many years.
Ok just you tubed it, made by a guy called Rick Schultz,
He’s been interviewed at the Rocky Mountain audio show 2015 by AV showrooms.

@GraemeH how were your pre-loved hi-lines repaired, direct with Naim or through the dealer you bought them from or another dealer who had nothing to do with selling you the hi-lines?

@Richard.Dane Do you know what Naim’s policy is on repairing pre-loved Hi-Lines, bought from a dealer?

John, I don’t know if there’s a formal policy - I guess you could ask Naim directly - but AFAIK all evidence here seems to indicate that they will repair gratis any Hi-line where the segments have parted so long as it’s not as a consequence of abuse.

Thanks Richard. I have emailed Naim support, hopefully I will get a response.

My new Hi-Line broke a few years back. Dealer couldn’t hear a problem but returned to Naim for testing. Replaced no questions asked. Add me to the night and day brigade certainly when compared to the lavender although a period with the latter was a salutary reminder that it’s pretty damn good in its own right.

My bass has once again died and I am suspecting the cable once gain so would be interested to know the attitude to a subsequent return. Certainly no abuse on my part (well, maybe verbal) :slight_smile:

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No problem in my experience.


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I have had a reply from Naim Support and it would appear I have nothing to worry about buying pre-loved. Which has been confirmed by the responses in this thread.

Thanks to everybody for your help.

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I’m sure many will disagree with me but IMO, if you want a trouble free naim interconnect upgrade from lavender, try to source a pre-owned super lumina. Significantly more expensive, but appears a much more robust connector design. The hi-line in itself offers a major and very noticeable improvement in sound quality over lavender when in tip top condition.


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