Naim Hi-Line repair

Hi to everyone here.

First of all, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Naim for fixing my Hi-Line cable.

To cut a long story short, or is it the other way around?

I purchased my Hi-Line interconnect cable, brand new, around three years ago from my dealer after a week’s home trial. Ok, so I am only running a 5si combo and maybe my money (in hindsight) could of been better spent elsewhere in the chain, but I thought it a worthwhile improvement at that time, so went ahead and purchased it anyway. The price of a Hi-Line cable is an insane amount of money for someone like me to be spending on an audio cable, and it seems an even more ‘insane’ amount for when it has broken an internal connecting wire (twice) in the three years that l have used it, so far (especially when the lavender stock cable is taken in to account). I have always treated my Hi-Line cable with the upmost of care and respect as well as always being very gentle when handling it. To say that I have lost a little confidence it it’s physical qualities, and being a little regretful in spending so much money on a (high end) cable is probably my accurate description of things, so far, anyway…

I decided, just before Christmas, to send the cable off to Naim to be repaired rather than repair it myself or have the dealer do it. In the meantime, I was or have been using the stock lavender cable of which I have thoroughly enjoyed, to say the least, if i’m honest. Anyway, low and behold I got the call today from my dealer to say that my Hi-Line has been repaired and that Naim have returned it to them and was ready for me to collect. Well; I was sort of expecting rather the same old Hi-Line performance after I connected it back into my system this evening…Whoa!
What a pleasant surprise I have gotten when I did!
I don’t know what fairy dust or hocus pocus that Naim have sprinkled over it but it sounds miles better than it ever has, a significant upgrade over my lavender cable, even though I have gotten used too that over the past 3 or 4weeks or so, so cannot believe my luck, so to speak!

So much so, that I have to express my appreciation right here. My system is now sounding really rather fine, much better than I would of expected, even after a repair and I am now so happy with how things have finally turned out (in the end). I now forgive the fragility of the Hi-Line such as it’s performance for me now.
I am now really looking forward to the purchasing of a network player more than ever
(ND5 XS 2), with which my dealer has said that I can now home trial. My faith has now been totally restored!

So, thank you Naim, from a very happy bunny indeed!

( may this journey continue…) :yum:


That’s great news
Always a bonus when something"keeps giving"
I was sadly disappointed with my hi-line… Maybe I should have sent it back for a rebuild instead of just selling it off cheap

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Brace yourself for tempting offers on Super Lumina when your dealer gets your ND5XS2, Stephen!

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They are a great cable but very specific about dressing and what they are touching. It maybe your sonic improvement comes from the fact you have it hanging in a better position this time around.

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Haha Chris, now that maybe well OTT as my Hi-Line is (to some but not me) in my humble little system but at this moment in time I do not want to upset this balance i’m now experiencing. I’m feeling rather contempt. Anyway, I have a clearer picture as to where I want to be now. ND5 XS 2 - NAIT XS 2 - Neat SX2 speakers. It all has that kind of ring to it, in Naim at least.

So, for those folks who feel that their Hi-Line is not quite performing as they think it should or if it is only marginally better than their stock lavender cable, especially in a much more ambitious system to mine, I will suggest to you to get it looked at if you feel underwhelmed. It has been a very positive outcome for me, even with my 5si series system.

After listening to my system all day today I am now absolutely 100% convinced that my Hi-Line wasn’t right from the very day I purchased it. I have never heard my system sound quite like how it is sounding today. I know this may sound far fetched, but it is like the equivalent of a black box upgrade. Quite remarkable in fact!

The Hi-Line is just so much more better than the stock lead. I am able to really turn the volume up high without the slightest of any hardness or fatigue and yet there is much more definition, dynamics and solidity to the sound. I get it now, really I do. Brilliant stuff!!

I found myself in the same boat. Never touched it and yet still it broke. Got it back from repair and it must have been broken from day one. Didn’t half enjoy the stock cable whilst it was away though.

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Just wow. My Hi-Line is now making my CD5si sound so much more higher end? I can’t believe what I have been missing out on prior to it’s official repair. Before, it was debatable as to whether it was better or not when comparing it to the stock cable, even to a point where I thought I had dropped a 'bo…ck in purchasing it, but now I will say it is miles better. Everything is sounding much more coherent and natural. Even through my headphones just using the NAIT’s own integrated headphone socket (which I never used before) it is better, so am able to really turn the volume up without any hardening. Cool.:sunglasses:

Mine is looking like this:

That happened to mine but I was able to snap the separated parts back on so it all connected up properly.

I did this several times. It always is happening again

Hi Wolfgang,

I have not have that happen to mine, not even in the slightest, so I would almost certainly have yours looked at, that can’t be right. My Hi-Line would just end up with a loud ‘buzzing’ sound for no apparent reason, after a period of time. Anyway, i’m so glad I now have it sorted as the performance from it is really superb, much better than I thought possible. My stock Lavender cable is put away and forgotten about until I find another use for it. I would find it hard to imagine that your Hi-Line will be performing at it’s best with it pulling apart like that. These cables are expensive and you deserve to be happy with it in every way. Have your dealer send it off for you is my advice, just use the stock cable for the meantime, it’s been well worth it in my situation and i’m very happy with Naim’s resolve so far.

Mine broke like that at one end
It did snap back together again …But you are just waiting for the next time…

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