Naim Hicap DR Mk2

Anyone knows what is the difference between a Naim Hicap Dr vs the Hicap Dr Mk2?

There is no MK2.
The Classic series (black) was originally LM regs and then updated to the DR specification.

If you lookup the serial number in the link below it should give you an age

The Black HiCap came out in 2002, and the Black HiCap DR came out in 2012.

To confuse things customers of the non-DR model can get them upgraded by Naim to DR, in which case it’s probably best to call them if you need to check. They then have the name HiCap DR

That’s strange, my dealer website indicates a Mk2 version.

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sounds like a made up name to me. Are they a Naim dealer?

According to the Naim Audio website, Yes.

Sorry, I need to ask but what does “LM regs” mean?

As others have said, there’s no official “Mark 2” version of the HICAP. If there was we’d probably be on “Mark 5” by now; the main changes being CB to Olive in 1989, then H&F To Novotem via St Ives (and dropping of the single rail supply) in 1993, re-engineered for new (current) look in 2002, then the DR update in 2012.

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The pre DR HICAP used specially selected and matched LM317 regulators.

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Via ‘St Ives’ - did the HiCap go on holiday…?? :grin:

When H&F folded there was a shortfall in transformers and Nuvotem had not yet come on line to take up production, so Naim briefly had St. Ives make and supply suitable transformers.

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Yes, but only one of them.

ah yes, the Chrome Bumper HC with H&F trafos were sweet.
If memory serve they used those trafos into first few years after release of olive range.

I have a Nap 180, will need to check the trafo brand, not sure any of these poweramps was born with H&F trafo.

Anything post '93 won’t be Holden & Fisher. Nuvotem took over with essentially the same design and even some of the same staff, so I’m told.

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