Naim IBL base

Does anybody know if Naim or any dealer would still have a way to replace a part from a second pair of IBL’s that have made their way to me. I have no idea where to start sourcing this, and I find it rather unlikely others will have experience this, but the bracket and square steel sub frame that supports the cabinet and holds the spikes has buckled in transit, leaving a leaning tower of IBL. All of which amazingly seems to have been possible without any further aesthetics or sonic shortcomings.

You could contact Naim by email and ask whether they have this part. Otherwise, I would keep an eye on the usual online auctions for an old broken set of IBLs (or even a single unit - they have cropped up from time to time) and then scavenge the parts.


Or… look to get those parts repaired…? Sounds very do-able, to me.


Thanks Richard, good suggestion - will email Naim. And yes, will also see if I can source one online through auction sites should any comps up for spares/parts/repair. Shipping to my home in the US should be easy. Thank you

Thanks Ian, that’s a good suggestion I hadn’t really considered, but you’re right, can’t be too tough in the right hands (not mine) :slight_smile:


You need to find a Fabrication company. Who can either repair what you have - or make a new one, using the broken one as a pattern.

But - ask Naim first, in case they have stock of the parts you need.


Thank you Ian - perfect!

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