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Is it not time that Naim became more professional in its approach to their customers.
I went on their site to find an online manual for the Supernait 3. The only one I could find was for a Supernait 2.
At best this looks amateurish and at worst they could not give a toss about their customers.
It strikes me that this site is in place to overcome Naim’s administrative short comings!


It does seem a bit strange that so many months after the XS3/SN3 launch that the links to the Manuals on the website still don’t reflect this. Is this something Richard could highlight to Naim?

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I’m assured it’s coming. Naim are away right now, but I’ll put in a chaser when they return in the new year.

Please note that much of the operation of both Supernait 3 and Nait XS3 is the same as their predecessors. If you’re having problems with something in the meantime then by all means ask your dealer, or on here and we’ll try to help

Naim don’t seem to give enough focus to their website. It’s one of the key faces of the company and a little more attention would avoid the sort of criticism levelled in the opening post. It’s an easy win and I could list plenty of errors and omissions that have been raised but not actioned. It really is like they can’t be bothered. The fact that the manual is out there means there is absolutely no excuse. It takes seconds to upload a file and make a link.


Thank you Richard but the point I’m trying to make is this material should be within easy access at product launch.


Yes, I understood your point.

I don’t think the manuals for the Muso 2 and Muso Qb 2 are there either. Although very similar to the original versions, it is precisely the points of difference that are of interest and for which explanations should be readily available.

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