Naim integrated RCA inputs

Can folk with the Supernait 3 or Nait XS 3, please advise me about the RCA ports.

I have been looking at the ports on the Naim website, and wondering what cables will fit on them. There is not a wide space between the left and right sockets. … Please, do people have trouble fitting quality RCA cables on them?

E.g. I have a Denon DAB tuner, and the RCA ports are so close together. It means I cannot use Chord Clearway RCA cables, because they are too thickly built. I use just basic cables for that. However I need quality cables between my DACs and any amplifier.

Am not necessarily sticking with the Clearways, but even better cables might be even more heavily built. Just looking at the rear of the Naim integrateds, I think the Clearway would fit, but not super-sure. However it’s future cable upgrades that worry me.

Did you factor in RCA to DIN cables in your shortlisting?

A number of users have Morgana cables from WitchHat, maybe that’s worth a look also?

RCA cables are easier to source, so I am ignoring RCA to DIN.

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I don’t know what to say, so I will repeat some of what I already said. My Clearways will not fit on my Tuner. They just fit on my current amplifier. Some RCA cables are made thick, and review excellent.

Am asking from my first post,
“Please, do people have trouble fitting quality RCA cables on them?”. Meaning do people have trouble fitting quality RCAs on the Supernait 3 or Nait XS3.


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I currently use Chord Clearway RCA on my SN2. They fit no problems. However I will by trying out A lavender RCA to din shortly.

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Normally ( and Naim aren’t normal) these connectors are supplied as a pair and to a recognised standard. I know the RCAs on my MF pre amp are the sort of things that RS would supply.
I use Chord Epic and Signitures with no issues.
So, he says the Naim RCAs should be the same.

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Thank you very much for your replies folks.

I was thinking a bit more about this during this afternoon, while I was out for about an hour’s walk. I think any further cables up the Chord Company line will fit. However I am not bound to Chord, and will choose cables based on neutrality and detail. Having said that, I am in no rush to upgrade cables right this moment. I may feel the need though if I do finally get my paws on an SN3.

What happened was last night I was revisiting the Nait XS3 reviews. One review mentioned during summary as a negative, “A bit crowded round the back”. (For the XS3.)

Since I have been on the verge of buying an SN3, and been talking to a retailer. I figured need to ask quickly.

E.g. I think QED made a cable that had locks on them, and were thickly built. Am honestly thinking a thick RCA pair would struggle on either SN3 or XS3.

It’s been such a difficult decision path getting here generally about an amplifier. It’s because with the pandemic, it’s too frightening to audition. Besides that, I mostly choose equipment based on review. Like I bought a Chord Hugo 2 based on review, and ordered a Chord TT2 pre-reviews.

It means I am happy to go ahead and buy without store audition. Although I think a home audition wold be wise in this case. (I had a job list of things I wanted from my amp.) … In the end though, it would be a shame if I finally pinned down a real quality RCA pair, that would not fit the amp.

If you think a Naim amp rear panel is crowded, take a look at Cyrus!
But seriously, I haven’t had any issues with rca interconnects from the likes of chord, rega and atlas. You might struggle with locking RCA’s where these need to be tightened but that’s just trying to get your fingers in to rotate the barrels.

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If that’s your priority why not go with Naim’s recommendation based on actual sound quality and get a DIN terminated cable instead of sweating about which RCA may or may not fit.


I use cables terminated with ETI Bullet plugs on my SN2 without any problems. Having just looked at the sockets all but the fattest RCA plugs should have enough room.

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I started off using the good RCA cables that I had, but once one has had Naim gear for a while, you realize that the Naim Din connectors and cables really are the best ones to use, SQ wise.

Once you make the change, it’s really very simple and involves a lot less playing around with cables, and a lot more just listening to music.
Naim really does simplify the whole process …


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I have tried cables terminated with Xhadow Precision RCA plugs on an XS and they were too wide; the barrels made contact which forced them to connect askew. WBT Nextgen locking RCA plugs fit fine.

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I think the conclusion is that most RCA will fit.

Just it scared me looking how close the Naim RCAs are. Although it’s probably like that across many amplifiers. I worried hoping that my Clearway would fit, but folk confirmed that.

Please can I swing the thread a little and ask another question about he Supernait 3? Does the SN3 tend to get run a bit warm/hot on warm days?

My current amplifier the Rega Brio is also class A/B and does get quite toasty. Not very hot, but I would not stack anything on top of it.

My hope is to put a DAB on top of a Supernait 3. I would most likely put spacer between SN3 and DAB to make a good gap between units. … Naim say don’t put the SN3 on top of another unit. They don’t say to not do it the other way around. However if the SN3 gets quite toasty like my Brio, it might not be practical.

Thank you.

You really should avoid stacking any HiFi units on top of each other. Not only because of the heat dissipation (Naim amps are designed to use the case as a heat sink) but because the strong electromagnetic field around the transformer in the amp can interfere with delicate audio circuits, especially the low level signals in source components.

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I think I am more concerned right now with if the Supernait 3 gets just toasty-warm or hot. If I got interference I would move something if I could. … However I fully appreciate that my case of wanting to stack, is far from ideal.

However it’s surprising how little unwanted effects toroidal transformers make. I rea about this topic because of this very reason. Toroidal transformers are in fact touted as very efficient, and transform the vast majority if input to output. They give of only very low amounts of magnetic field. Am not sure about RFI or EMI. However if they do interfere with anything in that way, we would hear hum. Also I am seriously condsidering using a thick sheet of aluminium between Naim and anything else. (Allowing for distance from Naim for heat distribution of course.)

I know stacking is not ideal, however sometimes some of us can not avoid it.

Besides if EM was so severe, it would mess up the SN3. … Am just asking of the SN3 runs a hot please?

Thank you Aren.

That’s how I thought it would be.

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It’s generally accepted that Naim equipment performs at its best when located on dedicated equipment shelves for each component. You can of course plug it in and wire it up however you wish and it will no doubt make music come out of your speakers of choice but having spent a substantial amount of money on something like a SN3 it seems appropriate to set it up in the way Naim intended to get the very best out of the product.
It’s passively cooled and when setup properly and with a suitable airflow around it will not get hot under normal operation. If you put something on top of it and reduce it’s ability to conduct heat passively it’ll likely run warmer, the heat has to go somewhere regardless.
If you can’t setup your system vertically and give each product its own shelf and operating space you can set it up horizontally. The more space there is between things especially power supplies and other equipment the better.
A NAIT is fairly forgiving relative to other Naim amplifiers in terms of setup and positioning but stacking them one on top the other with other system components is certainly not going to let you enjoy all it has to offer.


Thank you Mr M. … Brilliant reply.

Every point you make hits all the nails square on the head.

I have been making enquiries about the SN3. However due to space and stacking, I was also heavily considering the Chord Ttoby power amp. My TT2 would sit on top, and possibly be cooled a little by the Ttoby. (Apparently fans in the Ttoby keep it cool even when stacked.) The what happened was What HiFi come up with their review of the Ttoby and say the fans were audible. It would be a bit trial and error and try again, getting fans replaced.

My gut feeling is telling me to buy the SN3. My head is saying buy the Ttoby. Only thing I can do is search my gut feelings again, and or get a demo of each. Travelling is not really an option though. I think I will have to do this purchase by review, and help from fellow enthusiasts.