Naim Interconnects V RCA

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I am curious on your thoughts on interconnects, particularly Naim V RCA. I think i read somewhere it is better to stay with Naim.I have always been a fan of Nordost cables and I have managed to get a pair of Nordost XLRs for 552 to 300.Do I now go for a Nordost pair of RCAs for my Rega Isis Cd player to the Amp or look at SL? The Nordost Cables are Valhalla but not the newer version. So would you try and complete the same loom with RCA or Naim on SL ?


I have tried a few high priced RCA interconnects. I now have the standard DIN Naim Lavender and it is as good or better, than the higher priced RCAs.

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I have always used the standard Naim leads, throughout my system. I may well have saved a lot of money, along the way…!

But… YMMV… :crazy_face:

With a non Naim source most will still say an RCA to DIN cable is still preferred vs straight RCA. If you do some searching on here there are all kinds of threads on cables, basically in the end it probably boils down to what you personally prefer, & the only way to know for sure is try the different options out. Like almost everything in audio, some like Nordost paired with Naim while others don’t. I am curios though, where’d you get a pair of DIN to XLR cables from Nordost, for between the 552 & 300, didn’t know they offered the combo, though I believe they will do custom cables depending on what’s required. As for SL, again some think its great, while others don’t.

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