NAIM iOS app runs on new M1 Mac

I got the Naim controller app to run on my M1 ARM MacBook Pro… This article from theverge explains how to run any iOS app on a Apple Silicon MAC. It seems to work well, I can control my system while on my laptop without grabbing another device it is handy…



May I presume that only applies to a Mac running the new ARM processor and that my 2.9 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 still won’t work?

Unfortunately that is the case, the iPhone/iPad apps are ARM binaries and so they can run on the M1 Macs but not intel…

For those not lucky enough, http://your_ip_or_dns_name/webclient lets you control many aspects (I don’t know if on every device, but new platform works). Just saying because not everyone seems to know

In the case of the Naim App you don’t need any special steps, as it already shows in the App Store on an M1 Mac. That is how I installed it on my MacBook Air M1.

Also FYI - The new Asset release R7.1 supports Apple M1.

Or use Bubble UPnP on a NAS to make the streamer OpenHome compliant and then use Linn Kazoo to control. Not as neat a solution, but works with my Atom and Muso QB first gen, so should work on NDX.


I LOVE having the Naim app on my Macbook Air M1 controlling my 272 :star_struck:

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What about touch screen functionality?

You use the trackpad. It is actually pretty seamless.

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