Naim is back

Good news guys, for those waiting for their Naim products.
Hope Rega will open also very soon…want to buy a P10.

Newsletter I just received:
In late March, Naim Audio made the tough but necessary decision to temporarily close the factory during these unprecedented times. We have been overwhelmed with your continuous support on social media, our community forum and even through email. Thank you!

During this time, our departments were working to find solutions that would go beyond the government’s guidelines to ensure the well-being of our dedicated staff. We are elated to announce that we have now started a phased return to production, under a distanced regime designed to ensure the safety of our teams. It is great to see our hand-crafted hi-fi now once again being created here in Salisbury.

While planning our phased return, we also thought about your welfare too. UK customers will now be able to receive products directly from the Naim warehouse. Please ask your retailer for this option when you place your order. Many of our great dealers, worldwide are also offering direct shipping options for in-stock items.

We are also pleased to share that our skilled Naim Service & Repair team will start accepting units from Monday 4th May. In the meantime, the team is working to get pre-lockdown units back to their owners. If your unit is having an issue, please remember to contact our excellent support team: or call on +44 (0) 1722 443405

If you were not already a member, we would also love to welcome you to our Naim Forum, where you can join a community of Naim users from around the world

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Indeed so, thankfully folks are safe and healthy and able to start working in a controlled manner.
I got my missing Fraim level finally yesterday so kit is leaving the factory and making its way out now.

So Naim was already opened since some days?

Good news in perspective … As long as staff can work safely :mask:, despite this period of health and economic turmoil.

I know at least 1 person who will be delighted to be able to receive his 500 DR …

I know another one you will receive soon a Cisco white :rofl::rofl:

But yes, a 500dr would be my dream!

Could you send the Cisco?
If it’s OK. Cool :smiley:.

Sorry to be out thread! But between two roosters…

On Monday 4 will be shipped. And after, maybe 1 week to delivery actually.

Good news! I’m soon to be re-united with my Nait1 :slightly_smiling_face:.


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