Naim Jazz Flac stream

This plays fine on my new Mu-So 2 but there is no metadata. Is this a known issue?

Which app are you using? The artist and title are both displayed in the Naim app and roon.

Naim app on an iPhone 12. I can see the metadata on the 320kbps version of the stream but not the FLAC.

I haven’t located the flac stream in the Naim app, but roon is showing the artist track data so it’s there. Perhaps the Naim app simply isn’t showing it, but does for the aac stream.

Same here on NDX 2 and Nova. Works on lower rates but not flac. Never noticed that before!

I vaguely remember that there isn’t currently an agreed way of packaging the information in a flac radio stream and so Naim can’t arrange for the app to reliably decode it.

There is some info here by Steve but it’s somewhat old and I don’t know if anything changed since:

But this from January seems to suggest that only Roon has it for FLAC still:

This topic does not make any sense.

Most stations now show metadata (including some flac ones such as Radio Paradise and The Jazz Groove).
If the Naim channels are showing metadata on Roon it must be there - so why is it not showing on the Naim App - an App bug, stream issue or playing the wrong URL?

The website is not working and there is no radio station link on the main Naim Audio website - so no link information. The latest info I have is on the High Resolution Audio website Naim Radio - High Resolution Audio (

Naim CD Quality Lossless FLAC:

Naim radio

Naim Classical

Naim Jazz

The http URLs are the ones I am using and do not showing metadata on my system.
So are these the current flac URLs.
Perhaps @Stevesky can help us with latest position/situation.

If you read Steve’s comments embedded in the post before your’s in this thread, you will see the explanation that he gave.

Thanks David, it was not obvious they were Steve’s comments unless you linked back to the original posts which I did not do. Slapped wrist.

I just did an exercise of hoovering up and checking all the flac stations that I have recently added. I found none of them had metadata. Apart from RP and Jazz Groove (supported channels but they are no different) seem to be the exceptions with metadata.

So the bottom line seems to be no metadata on flac streams for most stations for foreseeable future.

Hi guys,

Our radio streams are using a backend playback system called RadioBoss. When we first created the system the software provider claimed that FLAC with meta was on their software upgrade roadmap. In practice due to lack of demand from their other customers (plus there is no real proper standard), it’s been never implemented.

I was considering switching to a new backend, but this current one is so stable and took a long time to setup so it performs well (audio & reliability), it’s pretty low down the priority list of things to do.

So as of today FLAC has no meta, MP3 and AAC streams does.
On Roon someone has done a custom special and injected the meta back in. Clearly someone likes Naim radio :slight_smile:

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Shazam to the rescue, then!

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HI @ChrisSU

There are a few sneaky online ways to know what’s playing and what’s coming up.

Naim Jazz:

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