Naim Knob mobility

I’ve edited your kind post. However, please be mindful of forum rules. Thank you.

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I got the answer from my dealer:

Hi all you have to do is to push knob and it should be fine, it does happen sometimes.

While Naim replied:

Thank you for your email - sorry to see this, this certainly is not expected. The cause of this is that the dowel behind the knob has not been separated enough. It can easily be fixed if you are happy to carry it out, you will need to take a flat head screwdriver, remove the knob from the dowel (gently to not break the wiring) and use the screwdriver in the center of the dowel to separate it a little more so that it fits tightly to the knob.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
I tried to push the knob but I have no benefits.

Where I have not respected the forum rules?

I apologize if this has happened.

From the forum rules:

No For Sale or Wanted ads! (includes free gifts and loans of equipment) - this includes transparent or oblique references to equipment for sale or equipment being sought - sometimes this will be a judgement call. ALL links to, or mentions of, equipment For Sale will be moderated.

So that’s poor QC if you ask me.

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