Naim / Kudos Speaker Plugs

Running a Linn LP12 / Naim system going into Kudos 606 speakers.

The speaker cable is Naim NAC A5 terminated at the Amp end with the Naim amp connectors. At the speaker end, they are Chord but have become loose and I have tried to tighten but they are still not perfect. (Photo of existing plugs, hopefully attached)

What are others using to get a tighter connection at their speakers ?


I think you could do worse than using Naim plugs at the speaker end too. Kudos sockets are not gold plated, so you might get a better match with them. The way the cables hang straight down would work better than a straight banana where the stiff NACA5 sticks out and loads the sockets. If the spacing is wrong, just remove the black plastic box, and maybe put on some heat shrink tubing like on the Chord plugs.

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