Naim Lavender USB lead

After trying numerous High End and very high usb leads I thought I would try a homemade DIY Naim Lavender and wow its great, I have experimented for over a year from 3cm to 300 cm its the best I have tried. Maybe Naim should think about trying this in production as its very open, dynamic and great PRAT, as always.

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Hi, I didn’t heard of you since a long time. Can’t respond to your question unfortunately.
Just curious what is your system now. I remember you were using Etheregen X 2 with Sotm clock and big Sean Jacobs.

Hi Frenchrooster.
Yes its been a while since we last had a chat. Nice to speak with you again.
My main systems is the same before but always playing around in my other rooms.
Just thought i should share some less expensive findings on usb leads, like etherenet cables, i find you dont necessarily get better sounds by spending more.

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I think to remember that Gotham usb cable is cheap and effective. Mark Grant too.
As for network, have you tried the PhoenixNet?

The lead has to be certified for the data rates of the USB1, 2, or 3, or C standard though.

Making a cable with 4 conductors might work and sound good to your ears but doesn’t make it a bonnefied USB lead.

It sounds great, that’s all that matters to me.
Just suggesting for others to try if they are handy with a soldering iron.

Re the phoenix net, No not yet yet. Sean Jacobs has upgraded the DC4 and it’s sounding great so will leave it all alone.

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It’s a DIY cable. It doesn’t have to be certified for anything, it just has to work. Just like audiophile ‘streaming’ cables which are so-called because they do not conform to the Ethernet standard, but at the very low data rates of digital audio they don’t really need to.
I remain deeply sceptical of many of these expensive cables, but I can’t see why they need a certificate.

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They would if made by Naim though as was suggested in the first post. That’s all I’m pointing out. A hurdle towards comercial production.

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