Naim leads

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Looking for a new connecting lead 5 pin to phono to fit my nac92 as I have just unboxed my cassette deck that has been in storage for sometime. I changed the belts and it works perfect. Any alternatives to the expensive ones



Naim or Chord.

I’ve been using Chord Chameleon Silver plus with my Aiwa adf660. Great vfm used. They crop up used every now and again.

I use the old Chord Chrysalis 4 x RCA Phono to DIN Tape interconnects. Naim still offer their own version - see FAQ. The Chrysalis tape i/cs are brilliant and ideal for a good analogue source and Naim. Best bit is that they are often quite cheap s/h. The last two I bought on eBay cost less than £20. I would avoid some of the cheapies on the auction sites and elsewhere. I tried a couple and it was a false economy - a waste of money.

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Second above as i also have one, great for the price, even if i no long use it lol.

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