Naim Lef Field

Had the occasion to return my CD5xs(again!) a friendly hi fi pal has loaned me a Cyrus CD7
and have to say im impressed! good solid sound very rack friendly too AND sounds more than a match with my Nait5x amp.
I have also treated my self to a pair of Focals new Clear MG usual surperb Focal sound and build gives my Stellias a hard time too
Which brings me to my qustion what Naim combo would cut themustard?

Get a nDAC and use the CD5XS as transport. That’s a fine source and certainly “cuts the mustard” to my ears.


Actually the CD7 has an on board DAC!

Yes of course. So does the CD5XS. My point is that using the CD5XS as transport into the nDAC gives a massive improvement in SQ over the bare CD5. When I had just that combination I compared it to the CDX2 and preferred the former. I was not alone in that preference. It is certainly a source worthy of a SuperNait or 202/200 and with current second hand prices great value for money. You can go even further by adding an XPS to the nDAC taking it up yet another level.

Of course if it’s solely headphone listening you’re interested in you could always go for a dCS Bartok.


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CD 5xs has an onboard DAC? dont think mine has its a 2009 model anyway as its back at Naim i cant check!

I think we’re at cross purposes here. All CD players that are not transport only, i.e. that have an analogue out for input into an amplifier contain a DAC. Not all of them allow you input a digital signal but they all have a DAC. When the CD5XS is used with an external DAC, the internal one is bypassed. The improvement in SQ comes about because the nDAC is much higher quality than the internal DAC.

I am rather puzzled by your OP. Are you wanting a new source for your Nait XS? Do you want a complete new system? Do you want to stay with Naim? What is your budget? With more info on what you’re after, the community will be better able to help.


Get all that would point out the thread was about mixing a Cyrus CD with a Naim amp and not expecting them to sound as good would like to hear what a Cyrus amp sounds like
As for a budget for upgrades i havent one! the nDac is way over my price point.
Also a small gripe about Naim ive never been happy with leaving my system on 24/7 and neither has my landlord also this is the third time i have had to send my CD player back in the last 18 months not impressed with that its no reflection on the service Naim provide the last two returns have been done FOC though a tad slowly
As form the Naim sound well its black or white you either love it or loath it
my system is CDxs/Nait 5x amp powering Focal 906 stand mounts with Tellilrium Q Black 2 cable ,bass is by and large very good i listen to mostly easy going genres i.e. Jazz vocals, classical works and old school rock and pop bands uch as Steely Dan sound top class.
The reason a bought into the Naim brand was it is made in this country not in China ditto the Focals being made just across the channel Cyrus too is still made here

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