Naim Logo Lamp dim but not off, anyone experienced with this?


Has anyone experienced the Naim logo light is a little dim but not off, is it because of age or is it because the current-holding resistor is weak?
maybe someone has experienced this can share here?

thank you

I have the same on my Supernait.
The solution is to replace it, its a Naim HQ or approved service centre job.
I am planning to send mine for a full service at Naim

They vary widely in brightness anyway, so even if you get it replaced, it won’t necessarily be the brightness you want. I would just accept it, unless it goes off completely or if the mute switch in the logo stops working.

bleeding logo lights / dying displays and faulty relays…the joys of naim ownership.
Sound great tho!

Ask your dealer( if you bought it via a dealer). Mine got my 282 returned to the factory and the logo was replaced for free. It was well out if warranty.

I have only ever had 2 problem with a Naim log/light.

The 1st was a blown bulb on my CB 250. Easy fix.

The 2ns was a ‘bleeding’ logo on my CDX2, which was fixed (FOC) before purchase by my Naim dealer (it was a pre-loved unit).

YMMV, as … interwebzzz… :expressionless:

A bleeding logo is another matter. Naim do usually replace those for free. But the logos out of the box range from quite bright to quite dim. Even units bought new at the same time can be different brightnesses.

It’s like if I have to send it to the UK (Naim HQ) it will cost an expensive postage, because I’m in Indonesia


My two hicap drs sit next to each other, their logos vary in brightness quite a bit.

As others have said the logos themselves can vary a bit and then there’s the variance between models, which can widen the spread. Add to that the fact that the early Classic/Reference and 5 series kit had brighter logos that were felt to be too bright, so Naim introduced dimmer ones. If you want to change a logo and a dealer is nowhere near then it’s possible to do it yourself (expect on the NAP500) if you’re very careful (full ESD precuations), but no guarantee it’ll be any brighter (and may possibly be dimmer still).

Hi Richard yes it’s true if I look at the Naim logo lights on the NAC 122X it looks brighter / brighter than the Naim NAP-155XS which looks dimmer than the NAC 122X, this is probably the NAP-155XS is a newer production Naim than the NAC-122X

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