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I am fortunate to have my Uniti Star it a room that is used just for listening (i.e. no TV and an understanding wife).

I would like a “plaque” for the door to the room to reflect my love for my Star. Something like to Naim logo and “Go Deeper” on a black metallic plate with CNC engraved letters would look perfect against the white door to the room.

I have contacted Naim to see if they have any old/no longer promotional material, but they were not able to help.

I have found a local company who could make the plate and CNC engrave the logo and lettering, they just need it in a format they can use on their machines. Its native format doesn’t matter as they can manipulate most to suit their machines.

Has anyone ever thought of doing something similar? Have you managed to get the logo digitized? Any idea of how I could get this made?

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@Gareth Any well-equipped sign shop should be able to do this for you. Software by Vectric, EnRoute and many others can import pdf, Adobe Illustrator, Corell Draw, dxf and lots of other formats and toolpath them for CNC cutting. If you have Naim’s permission, just place your mouse over the image, right click and save the image. You can then convert it to pdf and that should be fine.

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If it’s okay with Naim, here is a vector format (SVG) logo you can download that can be printed without loss of resolution / quality:

I’m not sure why this version is not used on the websites, since you can see it’s a bit sharper than the PNG version which is currently used on the forums and the main website.

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If it’s to make just one for your own use, Naim probably wouldn’t mind even if they would maybe not want to give permission in case of unintended consequences.

If it were me, I wouldn’t vex them with the question. But just one, mind!

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That’s considerably sharper. Should be able to work with that easily.

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Maybe that’s the reason why….

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In case your local shop doesn’t work out, have a look at Front Panel Express.

I think the SVG @litemotiv posted is probably your best source for the logo, but if you want something more specific like the Go Deeper bit, I’m sure Naim would be happy to provide it digitally.
Perhaps @Naim.Marketing could “mediate” when back from holiday?

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One used to be be able to get (from the infamous auction site) “neon bar signs” - basically an engraved acrylic sheet with a top edge mounted strip light. Don’t know whether they do a “Naim” version these days, but I did acquire one some years ago adorned with the logo of the equally infamous Scottish manufacturer of turntables. :slight_smile:

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Talk to @GeoffC . He may have some artwork for the logo he could email you.

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Google “Naim LED Neon Sign USB” finds:
Do idea if its any good

Yeah, that’s the sort of thing I was thinking of, although my L1nn sign shows it’s age by using an incandescent bulb rather than LEDs. I also found the old Naim logo, which would be more in keeping with my Olive kit.

These were used by dealers and by Naim at shows back in the day. Of course, many inevitably ended up on eBay and some sold for considerable amounts…

Thank you for the mention. I do have ‘digitally drawn’ vector versions of all naim logos, including older variations and the current one.

I am not sure if @Gareth is happy with the one posted above or if naim would be cool with me supplying copies of my originals to others.


Yes, I was thinking the same thing Geoff, after I posted. You’d probably have to get permission from Naim to release any artwork. I’ve always had to, with any designers I’ve worked with in the past.

But I did think that directing @Gareth straight to the source was the best route. And good job on the Logo btw … it’s timeless.


@david1111 Thank you for the kind words :+1:


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