Naim lumina

You should head over to the “500 system what speaker” thread and ask PolarBear if he compared Sarum T to the new Kudos speaker cable. He just ordered a set for his Titans.
That is one I would be interested in knowing.


Hi Gregg, thanks for the information. Will check out Polarbear’s thoughts on the Chord Sarum T later. It appears that Polarbear is a member of the 500 series where the Sarum T will make more sense IMO.

Hi Ryder
Perhaps my post was not clear.
Nigel actually demoed and ordered the new Kudos speaker cable - more reasonably priced than Sarum T cable. Thus my suggestion to inquire on that thread.


Sarum T in my setup may be overkill, agree. The Signature version was not available for audition and ex. dem price made me go for it in the end.
It should also be said, if one own a 500 series system and run, lets say NAca5, hopefully it should be as a result of auditioning other cables in comparison :grinning:


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