Naim Marketing Opportunity

With the swell in interest all things retro have Naim missed a trick by not cladding the Uniti range in walnut and marketing them as radiograms?
My Atom, on my desk, clad in Walnut would be a thing of beauty.


Oh that’s a true can of worms, I just wish they would go retro with a series of half size boxes, such as CD transport, Headphone Amp/DAC/PreAmp , Streamer and of course power amp or even dual mono power amps - oh and some easy to drive " lifestyle" speakers from Focal

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With the Muso etc the image seems to be about positioning Naim with modern lifestyle products. Not sure how a retro ‘fuddy-duddy’ aesthetic would gel with this…

Like the new Leaks?


Hi @Ian2001 I was being ironic. I sat looking at my Atom and it brought back memories of when I was a child and my parents had a radiogram which stood on four legs with inbuilt speakers. It occured to me, apart from the speakers, my Atom was a modern version of the radiogram. History repeats its self, same meat just different gravy.
I can also recall laser discs, 8 tracks, graphic equilisers, programmable turntables, speakers built in concrete pipes, speakers designed to be used as a coffee table, and Amstrad.
Now how about a Naim half width graphic equiliser? :grinning:

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