Naim master clock

With things ever changing and other companies producing stand alone master clocks is this something you can see Naim doing at any point in the future?

Why? Naim streamers are known to have great timing and already have the company’s latest DAC technology embedded. (Ie in the 555 they still have the nDAC chip and haven’t produced anything better DAC wise since).

I assume you only need a standalone master clock if you separate the dac from the transport, which is not Naim’s streamer upgrade methodology (which is PS based).

Fair enough, you can tell I am learning! :joy:

I mean, maybe in the future they will produce an nDAC2 which might be an upgrade path of course :slight_smile:

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I honestly think the idea of synchronous ‘master clocks’ belong to a bygone era… technology has moved on and different approaches are used now using more appropriate technology providing better performance.

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When I was into these audiophile thing some months ago (I am new) I am looking at those dCS and Auralic G2 series especially the Leo which is expensive enough to have me thinking why is there a need for an external master clock. This is exactly the same reaction I have when I see why Naim need external power supply. I guess different company design things differently.

Indeed, you can buy master clock generators that cost as much as an ND555 head unit. But they are really for separate devices with more basic connectivity.

In the context of something like an Esoteric streaming transport into separate monobloc DACs, it probably makes sense. In the context of an ND streamer where everything runs off the same clock then as mentioned, less so if at all.

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