Naim ‘merch’

Based on the Facebook post, featuring Chris Harris of Top Gear fame, sporting a black Naim T-shirt, which I believe came from Bristol show 2019, can we have access to that merch collection, to buy via the web?

Lock-down uniform is T-shirt/shorts, so a Naim T-shirt would be a welcome addition, plus a mug for the home office.

@Naim.Marketing Please?

The basic collection designs are available to Naim retailers - i would speak to your dealer.

Do you need to sip in the mugs for a week or so before the coffee/tea tastes just right? :wink: :smiley:


Powerline on the kettle/grinder/coffee maker obviously.


That limited ‘posh’ version of the Naim t-shirt at the Bristol show needs a wider release.

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Ok, does that include the design modelled by Chris Harris, there?
Given that a dealer, isn’t really going to be interested in a T-shirt sale, can we purchased on-line?

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I tend to buy the ‘wider’ version of all clothes these days :upside_down_face:


Naim T-shirt… Mmm… I would be very tempted. Mug I would not take. I figure I would have those Statement/Uniti heatsinks on it, and my coffee to go cold in no time.

But when would you actually wear a Naim T-shirt? I have a couple of different ones, but it never seems the right time to put one of them on…

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Walk into a B&O shop wearing one perhaps?

A Naim mug would be nice :coffee:

I have a Naim mug that I never use. Must put it on eBay. Quite why anyone would want to wear a Naim T shirt is beyond me; it just makes you look like a dullard. Fine for a Naim rep or dealer, but beyond that……

I was given a Linn sweatshirt many years ago. Mrs HH, then my 20 year old girlfriend, once wore it while working behind the University bar and some boring bloke started droning on about hifi to her. She never wore it again.

Try here

Are rubbers available?

The graphic design on the Naim t-shirts could be considered a modicum of the reverence for a brand that has stood the test of time. Why does someone wear Ralph Lauren or any other brand? Be proud of who you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: we’re all unique and have different tastes and appreciations :relaxed:

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You married her though… :grin:

Just joshin’ obvs

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I’m not.

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You have my commiserations :relaxed:

I love my Naim system and Fyne audio 501SP. But why the hell would I want to advertise it

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