Naim merchandise for Christmas?

And when they are back they’re just sold at the shows which for those outside of the UK it makes it impossible.

It seem obvious there’s a demand, I thought during this time of chaos would have been a good time.

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I would be more than happy to be a walking signage for naim down under. Perhaps if many more jump on the naim bandwagon, it might get a bit cheaper, more support, more marketing, trade shows, etc.

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I remember when Musical Fidelity boss Michael What’shisname gave a load of watches away. He was apparently a big watch fan, and had a shed load made. They were given away. I had about 3!
All quartz, complete junk. Put the on ebay , and they went for far more than they should have. Nice gesture I guess.

I am pretty friendly with the IWC UK importer and go to see him every now and again when they have cool stuff over (best one was Prince Harry’s pilot perp cal when he got his pilots license and ferry Porches’s titanium watch when it was over from the museum). He normally gives me a “freebie” that is nice (silver lupe is my fav so far) on the STRICT instructions if he ever see’s it on eBay or some such I am barred … I think that is very fair and would never abuse the relationship I have with him.


When I bought my Tudor Pelagos watch I pushed my dealer for something for free. In the end I got a great book ( in a box) from Tudor on the strick understanding that I could not sell it. There were ( apparently) only 4 in the country. Very nice it is too. Loads of detail on Tudir watches. Real coffee table book.

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Nice - I got a glass of sparkling water when I picked up my Tudor GMT :slight_smile:

I have always worked them when I buy a watch. But that book was the best.

Antony Michaelson…

That’s the one.

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