Naim Mu-so 2 and Tidal app

I’m not able to stream music to the Mu-so 2 from within the Tidal app. Music plays fine on the iPhone XR. But when I try to airplay to the M2, nothing happens, then a message appears saying unable to airplay to the M2. Same with the Tidal desktop app.

I tried Tidal within the Naim app, it airplays to the M2 fine. Spotify app is fine too.

Here’s what I’ve done so far: Signed out all apps and signed in again. Deleted and reinstalled the apps. Reset wifi router. Unplugged and replugged the M2.

Now I don’t even see the M2 as an airplay speaker in the Tidal app. Very strange.

AirPlay issues are almost always network related. If the Mu-so and iPhone are connected to the same router (by Wi-Fi or Ethernet) then try reseting the network settings on your iPhone.
On your iPhone go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will require you to reconnect to your Wi-Fi after the reboot, so you will need your Wi-Fi password.

When you add your Tidal account to the Naim App the Mu-so is not using AirPlay, it is streaming direct from Tidal.

Wow that actually worked! Amazing. Thank you so much!

Yes, I learned that if I use Tidal within the Naim App, it’ll stream directly to the M2 from Tidal. Does that mean the sound quality is better since it’s not going through AirPlay?

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You tell us!!?

The trick worked for a few songs. Now it doesn’t work again. I tried resetting the network. Now when I AirPlay to the M2, it’ll play for a fraction of a second then silence.

I have had a few issues similar to yours, but I’ve found using the tidal via the naim app to be very reliable.
Somebody mentioned on another thread that the highest resolution on tidal, via airplay, is HiFi. I think when I was using the tidal app directly and airplaying to my muso, when a track came up that was “masters quality”, airplay stopped playing it.

Yup, Tidal via the Naim app is pretty reliable. Just that functionality is limited compared to the native Tidal app.

For me, I’m not able to stream anything via AirPlay from the Tidal app, regardless of whether it’s MQA or not. I’m hoping with Tidal Connect coming out, it’ll be more reliable. And one should be able to stream first unfold MQA instead of 16bit/44.1 or 48khz.

The Tidal app will automatically select a 16/44.1 version if it detects a non-MQA client. So Tidal Connect will not give you MQA.

Not sure why you can’t use the Tidal app over Airplay, it should just work, I suspect a (possibly obscure) network setup issue.

So it looks like you have an issue with your network topology or router (e.g. old router or outdated firmware). Have you checked your router firmware is updated and that you are not running any Wi-Fi extenders, etc.

Have a look at the Tidal Connect thread - it’s coming at some point. Soon? only Naim know. Tidal Connect will allow you to play direct from the Tidal app.

My router is < 2 years old. It automatically updates firmware. I logged in to my ISP wireless network page and everything looks fine. Says the M2 is connected.

I’m hoping for this to come soon. But according to the TC thread, it may not come for a few months. Hopefully it’ll do first unfold MQA as well.

It won’t to Naim kit as they don’t support MQA rendering.

I know Naim doesn’t support MQA. But won’t the Tidal app does first unfold to 88.1/96khz?

No, if it detects a non-MQA DAC it will give you regular 16/44.1

No Naim have already said it won’t for their products it will for others if they support MQA. It’s up to the manufacturer as to how they configure the API I guess. As Naim don’t currently support MQA and likely won’t they are not having it do the first unfold.

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