Naim Mu-So 2nd Gen, Major Bluetooth pairing issue

Hi there,

I bought myself a Mu-So 2nd Gen 2 weeks ago and quite soon we noticed this issue with the device that when it has been connected with Bluetooth to a device previously and you later want to connect with Bluetooth to it with another device something wrong happens, the new device connect to the Naim but no sound is played at all (you can still control the Naims volume, indicated by the lights on the machine changing, so it really is connected)…
When this happens (which happens almost instantly) no device can connect to the Naim again through Bluetooth and the only way to make the speaker work again is by shutting it down and unplug it from electricity for a minute or so…

We then went to the retailer with the device and they indeed saw the issue as well and we got a completely new device in hope that everything would work. But unfortunately just after switching between devices 3-4 times the issue occurred again…

This issue drives me crazy. I know i potentially can connect through other means, but we did buy this device mainly so we could use it through Bluetooth from several different devices within the family…

Has anyone noticed this issue before with the latest firmware? Do anyone know how to solve it??

Kind regards,

Sorry I can’t offer any proper advice as I only have one Bluetooth device so can’t check.
Also, I never use Bluetooth to connect, preferring to AirPlay if essential, or use iRadio, UPnP or Tidal for streaming etc.
I didn’t want you to think your post was simply being ignored :slight_smile:

Have you contacted Naim support about this?

Haha, Thanks for the help though! :smiley:

Anyone having this device and with more than one Bluetooth device to check if the problem is at someone elses device as well ?

I have been in contact with them. Though they did not recognise the problem and asked me to contact the distributer where i bought the product with the issue…
When I have time i will call them again. But hoped I could catch some luck here first maybe. :yum:

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