Naim mu so G1 usb conversion

Good evening.
I’ve recently purchased a mu so gen 1 and hooked it up to a Samsung 4K tv (soon to be paired to PS5) to act as a sound bar. Currently connected via optical. My question is, would an hdmi to usb cable improve sound quality/ increase bandwidth (more so when the PS5 is playing 4K content or playing PS5 native apps such as tidal or Qobuz where and if applicable) ?

The tv has eArc hdmi

Thank you

The USB is for connecting local storage such as a USB stick, or for connecting an i device such as iPod. It is not like a USB DAC input. Stick with optical.

I also haven’t heard, the stereo sound quality on TVs/movies/… has moved beyond “CD quality, uncompressed”. They add more and more channels (surround and ceiling speakers), and maybe consider lossless encoding - but anything coming from TV or PS5 on stereo will likely not utilize full capability of the SPDIF with regard to resolution/bitrate.

As always, appreciate the feedback and will stick with optical. Thank you.

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