Naim mu-so multi room set up

Hi all,
I’m a multi room virgin but far from a hifi virgin.
I’ve recently bought a house where the layout isn’t working for me and my current 2 speaker system set up. Chasing young kids from room to room has led me to believe a multi room setup would be beneficial.
My existing set up is a Cambridge audio cxn streamer hooked directly in to Adam Tensor Delta active speakers. I’ve loved this set up for the last 5ish years.
I mainly listen to soundcloud, tidal or albums from my NAS.
I have a few questions…

  1. Using my current set up is it possible to add a naim mu-so qb v2? I’m OK to switch/change the Cambridge audio streamer but would love to keep my Adam tensor delta speakers. They would remain in the lounge room while the qb gen 2 would be in the kitchen and another qb in the 2nd living area or out in the back deck.
    The reason I’m asking re this setup is I’m doubtful the mu-so 2nd gen would get anywhere near the Adam tensor delta’s… but I’d love to integrate naim into the Adams speakers.
  2. The vast majority of music I listen to is flac. Would I need to direct connect WiFi to the Qb gen 2? If my main set up was in the lounge room and the Qb was in the next room, behind a plasterboard wall and cupboards would it be able to connect sufficiently? The WiFi connection is average to good throughout the house.
  3. If point 1 above isn’t possible I’m thinking of moving my Adam tensor deltas downstairs into my dj room for listening sessions and buying the naim mu-so gen 2 along with a qb or 2 gen 2. I haven’t been able to find any video reviews of these 2 (or 3) speakers hooked up in a multi room session?
    Note I listen to 50% electronic (techno, house, electro), 35% ambient and modern classical, 15% other.
    Sorry for the newbie question but the closest Naim dealership to me is 2.5hrs away.
    Any help appreciated.

Note that multiroom requires that all devices speak a common language. The Qb supports the following options:

Plus Roon, but this requires additional expenses (and that the Cambridge is also Roon-ready)

If you would consider exchanging the Cambridge, you could consider the new Naim Atom Headphone Edition (HE), which has no built-in power amp and provides a balanced output to drive active speakers. There is a long forum thread about the HE.
Then you could use Naim’s proprietary multiroom solution which by all accounts works well and is easy to set up

Multiroom systems are always proprietary, so you can’t mix Naim’s implementation with another manufacturers such as Cambridge.
What you can do is to use either AirPlay or Chromecast multiroom which is supported by both brands.

If your network is up to it, you should be fine with WiFi. If in doubt, wired Ethernet is a safer bet, but wireless devices have improved considerably over the last few years so it’s certainly an option.

In my experience, and take it with a grain of salt:
Musos have no speaker out or pre out or anything to feed your speakers
The analogue input on the musos can’t be multiroomed (I was able to listen to the rega p1 plus when connected to a muso but only through that one, unable to cast that to the kitchen muso) Never tried to multiroom digital input, that might stand a better chance.
Atom and above can and will cast analogue input anywhere (with atom he I can cast vinyl to the kitchen qb)

So I’d say the first step in your financial ruin could lie in the non-he uniti range. Whether it can be more gradual by starting with an atom, or your speakers need more juice, I’ll let fellow members advise.

Edit: if your tensors are active then atom he is an option

Thanks for the response.
Ok. As a start and to keep things cheap and dip my toe into it i could keep my existing set up, buy a chromecast dongle and hook it to my cambridge audio cxn (i have a vol 1 which doesnt have chromecast built in).
Then buy a muso qb gen 2 and it would automatically be part of the chromecast system.
This would allow me multiroom playback until the time comes when i can afford the uniti headphone edition amplifier?

Yes, a Chromecast Audio dongle would work with an optical cable. Does the CXN not support AirPlay? That would give you multiroom too.

It does support airplay but I don’t use Apple.
Great. I’m looking forward to keeping my Adam tensor deltas while adding QB’s to the set up via chromecast.
I’ll look into the naim uniti atom he edition as I’ve been wanting to upgrade my Cambridge audio for a while. Do naim have anything similar to the atom he edition that is cheaper? It out of my budget ATM.

No. The Atom is already the cheapest Uniti, and the HE is unique (at this time in the Naim lineup) in having symmetrical preamp-outs intended for active speakers.

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Ok. Great. Just to confirm.
So basically for the meantime i can buy a chromecast and stick it into my cambridge audio cxv v1. This will enable me to play music through both my active speakers that are currenty connected to the cxn and the QB gen 2 in the kitchen.
Eventually ill upgrade to the uniti atom headphone edition.

You’ll need a Chromecast Audio, which was discontinued a while ago, not the still current version that connects to a TV. Try eBay.

Not in their current range. There are a number of discontinued Naim streamers that would work, including the 172 or 272. Also any of the older Uniti range, which have a preamp out option as well as a built in power amp. They also have more limited streaming functionality than the Atom, and only have unbalanced RCA outputs, which would work, but if you have the balanced XLR version of the Adams then the XLR out on the Atom HE would be ideal.

Thanyou everyone for the info.
Youve all been a massive help.
Its much appreciated.
The saving has begin for 1stly the QB and then hopefully not too long after the unity he edition.
Now… Is it just me or are there no video multi room naim muso reviews around? Ie where naim muso and naim qb are connected and reviewed as a combined unit?
Thanks again

Also, just looking into the chromecast now. Apparently all versions support multiroom audio? So do i specifically need the chronecast audio? Cant believe the peice of those thing now. Haha
Thanks again

You need the Audio version so that you can connect it to the optical input on the Atom. HDMI is no use. No idea why they discontinued them, there is clearly a demand for them still.

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