Naim Mu-So Qb 2nd Generation Mains & Ethernet Cable Recommend

Hi, Would my Mu-So Qube 2ndG benefit in performance from upgrading the mains cable and upgrading from a standard ethernet cable ?

Many thanks in advance.

I suspect you’ll reap better rewards with positioning than cables. The mains lead in the box is perfectly suitable. There have been many threads ref Ethernet cables, ones from blue jeans in the us (and can be bought in the uk) and designacable in the uk are again perfectly suitable should you feel it necessary to swap whatever you use currently.

It’s a Muso QB… Any ok-quality Ethernet cable should be fine

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As per above, i’d suggest the money is instead put towards buying a second Qb for another room :slight_smile:

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A Naim Powerlite would be enough. Standard Ethernet cable, even if I am in the camp of audiophile ethernet cables, but not worth for a Muso I think.

I did find with our Muso QB2 that audio serenity isolation pads (about £8) tightened up the bass and made it more pleasant to listen to. This could be just an effect of raising the unit slightly higher off its glass shelf.

It’s a fig 8 plug so a PowerLine Lite won’t work. The supplied mains lead is perfectly adequate.

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Nice one Clare! Keep the cash rolling in. You are right of course. I bet there is someone somewhere with a £500 ethernet cable on their Qb.


Is this the company you ordered from ? audioserenity
I wanted to order some for both my Muso1 & Muso Qb2, sent an email and never got a reply in weeks so was a bit wary to order.

I bought via amazon……yes the same company.

Thanks - Ah probably Not Amazon ca, i couldn’t find anything there.
Back on topic I use spare flat cat-6 eth (not needed) cable and had a spare thick power cable. Can’t say that it did anything to the sound but it fits in the back of the QB2 so left it there. : )

Oh can’t include links, ok lesson learned !

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