Naim Mu-so QB Volume Control problem (Bluetooth Connection)

I have purchased and used Naim Mu-so QB on June 25, 2021. I mainly watch movies by connecting to a TV and Bluetooth. By the way, from May 5, 2022, the TV volume control will no longer apply to the speaker. Even if the smart phone and the speaker are connected via Bluetooth, the volume control of the smart phoned does not apply to the speaker. Only the volume control of the speaker itself is possible. Please tell me the cause of the problem and how to fix it. Factory reset of the speaker does not solve the problem.

Have you contacted Naim support for help here?

hello. I have sent an email to to resolve the issue, but have not received a response yet.

OK great. I’m told they are a bit snowed under with emails at the moment but they are working through them and will get around to a response.

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