Naim Mu-so remote battery change trick


Wanted to share a trick I found that helped open the remote for the Naim Mu-So 2nd generation.

It was impossible to open the battery compartment at first with sheer force, but I figured out a workaround.

I used a thin, credit card-style piece of plastic (little thinner than standard card, like an insurance card), and shimmied it into the seam, and it gently opened after a few times back and forth.

It didn’t damage the case, and now the battery compartment opens with ease.


This style of trick has been mentioned a few times, and i can look forward to usung it when my battery requires changing.
What would be even better, is not having to use any tricks at all.

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The worst remote I have as far as changing batteries goes, is that for the Amazon Firestick. I usually have to go into the garage to get a vinyl glove (useful for when I get round to painting the woodwork here). That’s the only way I can seem to get enough traction on the d*mned thing to push it off. Why doesn’t it have any ridges on it to give better traction. (sigh)

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Nice, I hadn’t seen this exact solution mentioned, so figured I’d share. Not sure if it was just a first time opening issue, but it works as expected and slides right open now.

Have the opposite issue with my Roku remote, the damn thing just falls off half the time!

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Sounds to me as if you need a bit of sticky tape to hold it on. :grin:

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Having read comments previously, I had wrongly thought “surely it’s not so hard“?
However, having just tried to open my own remote, it was impossible! Sliding a piece of plastic around the edges did indeed get it moving and I can now change my battery :slight_smile:
Thank you.
However, having changed the battery, mine is still virtually impossible to open again, so I will have to resort to the thin piece of plastic trick next time it needs changing!

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Good deal, works like a charm.

Maybe give it a couple whirls might loosen it over time.

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I tend to use the back of one of those cheap potato peeling knifes. The unsharpened side of the blade.

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