Naim Muso 1 - comes on at silly o’clock

I’m sure I’ve read a thread on this subject but can’t find it….

My muso 1 comes on at c4.00 in the morning, the alarm isn’t set and I can see no logical reason why it is happening - day dream believer at 4.00 at loud volume didn’t go down well……

My NDS and Muso gen 2 don’t suffer this and they are all served by Innuos server.

Any thoughts on how to make sure it doesn’t come on other than remembering to switch it off at the wall?


Possibly another case of the Spotify Connect problem where someone who has previously used it with your Muso can accidentally send a stream to it without being anywhere near you?

I have owned since new and have never used Spotify, plus it comes on at 4.00 in the morning if I don’t switch it off by the wall…. Very strange.


It would probably be worth doing a factory reset as that would clear any weird unexpected setting.

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Thanks, will give that a try


After completing a reset I left it plugged in but on standby and it come on again if it’s own accord in the early hours.

Any suggestions welcome!


Which input is playing when it turns itself on?

Radio paradise (I radio) is the wake up call it chooses. I guess I could try changing the input to upnp or a different one before turning it off, but I’m just guessing!

I know this is unlikely so apologies in advance, but have you checked that the alarm function hasn’t somehow been set?

Fair question given my technical capability but checked and alarm setting definitely switched to off!

Another possibility for you to check: sometimes IR remote control sensors can pick up rogue signals from all sorts of sources, including other remote controls, fluorescent lighting etc. To test this, just cover up the remote sensor on the Muso and see if the problem stops.

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