Naim Muso 1 - spare fuse


I purchased Naim Muso for almost six years ago and it been great. The other day there was a short electric outage and after that the Muso is stone dead. It emits no light whatsoever, neither on the volume dial nor on the side.

Hopefully it is just a fuse and I’m wondering if the Muso 1 ships with a spare fuse.

// John

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Have you checked the fuse in the mains plug?

That’s only applicable when one is located in the UK … I’ve had a look at mine but wonder if there is a fuse which can be replaced …

John doesn’t say where he is of course. There is no obvious way to replace a fuse.

Thanks for your quick reply!

I’m in Sweden and there is no fuse in the mains plug. And there is no spare fuse inside I assume?

// John

I’ve been reading a thread about this on another forum. You cannot change the internal fuse yourself, and it would need to go back to Naim. Have you tried switching on at the mains and pressing the reset button?

Yes, I’ve tried resetting without effect unfortunately.

The guarantee is void anyway so I could perhaps open the Muso myself to check the PSU perhaps.

// John

The PCBs are mounted to the rear ALU chassis, and to get to it you’ll have to disassemble the whole unit. Search naim muso teardown in YT, don’t attempt unless you know what you are doing. Difficult to see if there’s a replaceable fuse, probably need to replace the PSU.

Before getting into taking it to bits, I wonder if @NeilS can advise.

Hi Guys,

There is no chassis fuse (as per other Naim gear), there is an internal fuse integrated into the PSU PCB, but it’s not user serviceable.


Thanks @NeilS hope there is a way to repair the mu-so, it would be a pity if this remains useless now …

Don’t worry - we can fix them!


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Alright, sounds a repair might be the only option.

As far as I know there is no authorized Naim repair center in Sweden, right, it has to go UK?

Thanks all for your swift replies!

// John

You should talk with your distributor. AFAIK Mu-So repairs have to be undertaken at the factory.

I read somewhere that it costs £200 to fix. It seems an awful shame that it doesn’t have a user replaceable fuse and has to go back to base for something so simple.

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@hungryhalibut thanks for your reply!

Ouch! With shipping the total cost will likely double at least and then I really don’t know if it is a fuse or PSU that needs to be fixed.

// John

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