Naim Muso 1st gen USB port

Hi. If I want to use the USB port for my music source, can I plug in an SSD drive with flac files on it, or do I need to use a standard USB stick?

Thanks for looking.


I see no reason why an SSD drive cannot be used. I’ve used one with my ND5XS2 without issue.

I get a note on the app saying that the drive isn’t recognised.

How is your drive formatted?

NTFS I think

Nope, I lied. It’s Ex Fat

As I remember it you cannot plug in and old before ssd disk because it needs too much power. The same may or may not be true for ssd but tmaybe it does only support fat32. The original streaming platform hardware had it’s limitations like these.

I reformatted it as NTFS but it still won’t read it, so I think that the answer is ‘no’!

The 1st gen Musos have much the same USB port as the other 1st gen streamers. It will support USB sticks formatted in FAT or FAT32, and will play from iOS devices. It’s not like the 2ng gen models which will play from larger USB hard drives, but not iOS devices.

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