Naim Muso 2 Flashing purple light

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Really enjoying the sound from my Muso 2 but Ive noticed recently that the light on the side is flashing purple. The unit is connected to wired network and seems to be working ok but the light is quite annoying. The manual says the light means the unit is in wifi setup but this isnt the case. Am I missing something

It sounds like it has somehow got into WiFi setup mode. Have you tried disconnecting from the mains supply, waiting for say half a minute, and then turning it on again?



If that fails, stick a pin in the reset hole and it will regain its composure.

I would do as HH advises and then try re-running the setup. If it persists call Naim support for further advice.

Embarrassingly the old turn it off and on again worked! Thanks all

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Excellent. These things have so much computery inside that they behave in much the same way.

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