Naim Muso 2 - HDMI ARC

I have a Naim Muso. Using optical out from TV to Muso Optical In is a pain in the ass. The sound is so soft.

Does the new Naim Muso 2 HDMI ARC solve the sound problem?

Can it accept any sound format from the TV HDMI ARC since my TV come with build in Netflix and YouTube without sounding soft?

Regards Wayne

I can’t comment on any sound quality differences, although I wouldn’t have expected them to be very different. On my Atom, they sound the same. The format will always need to be PCM stereo.
The main advantage of HDMI ARC is the ease of use.

I’ve used both the Muso 1 & 2 with optical from a the Tv and Muso 2 with HDMI ARC. It all sounds the same to me when just using it to watch Tv.

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