NAIM Muso 2 without wifi

Hi, I want to run and control my NAIM Muso 2 without having to connect to wifi. Is there a way to do this through a home network which is completely wired? The app only seems to work through wifi and I can’t download it on my home computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Should work wired as long as you have a WiFi end point on that network too (your note says completely wired). I have a mesh network which my Muso 2 refused to work with. Its wired into my structured cabling and works fine as that network is connected to my WiFi. Controlled in my case via Roon, but the Muso is visible from Naim app too.

If you use Apple, then yes with a couple of provisos.
Muso 2 has an ethernet port so can be connected via a patch cable to a wired network (not sure how the initial setup works mind).
The Naim iOS app can run on a M1 or later chip computer. Otherwise an iPad or iPhone can, via an RJ45 adaptor and patch cable, (a few quid from the usual places), be connected to your wired network.
Android ymmv.

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The muso 2 supports upnp over a home network so yes install any upnp software on your pc eg jriver media center then stream the music to the muso.

Or plug anything into the optical input eg a cd player.
Or plug anything into the 3.5mm Jack input eg output from a usb dac on your pc or a music player with line output.

If you want to use the Naim app, no unless you have a suitable Mac M1 chip that can install iOS apps. The Naim app works with iOS phones/iPads or android devices so maybe there’s s way to connect them to your network via a wired connection with additional hardware.

edited to add:
either usbc to ethernet adapter
or lightning to ethernet adapter

Just to confirm that you can run the Naim app on an iPad that is connected to your network with an Ethernet cable and not use WiFi at all. @Darkebear does it that way.

I have a Muso 2 which is connected to wired Ethernet and has never been connected to WiFi. However, my iPhone is on WiFi which is connected to the wired network. You will not be able to control it from the App without a phone and WiFi.

You may be able to control it by the remote but this won’t be that brilliant.

Your best bet is to buy a simple WiFi hub which you can plug into your wired network plus an older reconditioned iPhone.


Really? Please enlighten us?

See my post 3 above; as @robert_h and @davidhendon have already confirmed, it is perfectly possible to connect iPad or iPhone to a network w/o using wifi.

Picture below is the lightning to RJ45 adaptor I just used for - second pic shows an iPhone connecting via Ethernet. Note, when an ethernet connection is made, it replaces wifi; no user intervention necessary.

The OP has yet to clarify as to whether they are using iOS or Androis, hence my comment earlier.

Yes - I use mine as a wired-ethernet system with WiFi off and it works fine with an adapter to my ancient iPad Mini to control everything using the Naim App.

I tried WiFi and it works fine too, but SQ was not as good compared to wired. I then experimented with also turning off my house WiFi while playing music (easy to do via Web access to Router) and I heard a veil of noise drop-away, so that is how I run my system.
It may be my Statement Active system reveals that sort of thing that otherwise may not be an issue, but since I can decide to have better music or not and the rest of my house internet-connecting items run wired-ethernet it is an easier choice for me that if it were otherwise.


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Hi, Yes based on the posts I am going to purchase a cheap android tablet and a USB-3 to ethernet adaptor and use the NAIM app on the tablet to play music. I’m assuming that I should be able to fine the MUSO 2 as a device through the network on the new tablet but haven’t tested it as yet. Does that make sense?

I am sorry, I’ve lived too long in the 21st Century and cannot remember when I was last in an environment that had wired Ethernet but no WiFi. It may me perfectly possible to use such a connection but a much more convenient solution is to buy a cheap WiFi hub.

@2melis if you are buying a tablet, you may like to give consideration to a pre-used iOS device - not sure where you are located, but if uk, then try music magpie, from whom I have had a few items. IIRC slightly more iOS users of the app here on the forum, with better outcomes.

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