Naim Muso QB 1 Gen: needs proper earthing?


I just bought a 1st Gen Mu-so QB - thanks for the discounted price point! Set up was a blast and I am really pleased with this machine.

One annoying issue though: light touching the metal surface gives a clear 50 Hz “vibration“. Turning the plug 180 deg. does not change this. Clearly a ground earth wire is needed… But before I install something - potentially rather ugly wire - anyone have the same “problem”?

There was a post on here about this recently. IIRC the answer was that the Mu-So is double insulated, so floats the earth. As such you may get a very slight tingle from any metal surface - a bit like on the metal apple macbook on which i’m currently typing this reply, in fact. It’s something some feel more than others. It’s normal though and shouldn’t be anything to worry about. You may find it’s lessened with the figure eight plug one way our the other - it may well also sound better one way or the other.

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Thanks for the reply - indeed I tried the fig 8 plug both ways and the tingle is there regardless, but seems worse one way compared to other. So now to find out if the music quality is different…

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