Naim Muso QB 2 - USB playback?

I’m considering this as an option for a relative who has asked me to source something freestanding, compact and of decent SQ.

She has a ext HDD full of songs, so would this be accessible via the USB connection?

Would she simply need to use the Naim app to access songs stored on a HDD attached to the USB input?

Yes, this will work fine. The only limitation is that unlike a proper UPnP server, the USB input gives you a rather basic folder view of the music files when browsing, which is not ideal with a large collection.

Thank you.

Will it be similar to how I read and access my own USB HDD attached to my Nova using the Naim app?

It will be pretty much identical to the way you see the attached drive using the USB input on your Nova. The advantage you have is that if you look in the Server input you will see ‘Local Music’ which shows you the same music files on your USB drive, but through a ‘tag’ view which allows you to browse by genre, artist, etc. and to see album artwork. Unfortunately the Musos don’t have this option.

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Thanks Chris, that’s very helpful.

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