Naim Muso QB 2 wifi drop outs

I’ve just upgraded from Sonos One to QB2 but I am experiencing drop outs. If I switch the QB2 off and on again it seems to resolve it. I have a Virgin Hub 3.0 router and I could see when the QB2 has dropped it was on the list of devices on the Hub. It is running on 2.4Ghz.

I must add I had some difficulty in the first place setting it up when I tried to get it to connect to Devolo power line adapter, but it would not connect to that so had to the WIFI router.

Never had these issues with Sonos.

I don’t have a QB, but I’ve had Virgin media routers with lots of issues with different kit, have you tried rebooting the router to update it, that helped me for a bit. I did get sick of it in the end and purchased a mesh network and had it 18 months with no WiFi problems on any device, so it was well worth it in my case.

It’s the Virgin router. Ours is crap for my Muso QB2.

So other that spending more cash on routers is there another option. Does anyone know if I could connect to my WIFI power line extender instead, a Devolo? If so, how? When I tried to connect the QB2 to this it wouldn’t connect.

I’m afraid using power line type of adapters from any vendor is going to provide you with a nice regular headache and is not good from any perspective other than convenience. They introduce network noise, loss and latency, especially if your building power wiring is complex or old. Loss of sync is very common and pretty much guaranteed.

Whilst WiFi is not in the same league as a good old network cable, so long as you have a fairly recent router and it is running recent firmware then most WiFi works acceptably well most of the time. Things to be wary of with WiFi:

  • ignore myth and marketing, if it supports modern standards it should be fine, price is not a measure here but older routers always tend to have problems with newer devices. It’s a chipset compatibility thing.
  • ignore high power devices, they may broadcast a good signal but your little low power device can’t send one back. Instead look at the number of aerials the router has, the more it has the more sensitive it likely is to reception
  • remember all your devices share a connection to the router, if one device is a long way away and struggling it will slow down reception by other devices even if they are nearer. Better routers have multiple concurrent channels, MIMO, to help combat this as they can open multiple channels at once
  • WiFi hates walls, being enclosed and nearby metal, these will kill signal and make reflections that cause drop out
  • ANY high frequency interference will also reduce effectiveness so your microwave, baby monitor, wireless speakers and phones all take their toll. If you have a 5Ghz capable router these are more immune to interference but worse with walls
  • Avoid repeaters, these just add network hops, latency and noise
    In short network cables rule and are worth the effort fitting them if you can

100% agreed if you can “good old network cable” is always the way to go, wired for sound :slight_smile:

My Mu-So has lots of wi-fi issues, no other device on the network does…my money is on the QB2

Moving to 2.4Ghz frequency has helped. Having a family of 4 all with many devices on the network I only have bother with the QB2 so echo that. Even when I pause it for a few minutes and come back it has dropped the music I was playing and have to start again.

At times I have to unplug to get it going again. The sound is amazing but it’s WIFI capability is below the capability of other products out there like Sonos.

Did a re-set on mu-so this am and its working fine as I’m listening to it whilst working streaming Spotify (tempting fate me thinks).

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Never did get my QB2 to register on WiFi. Gave up in the end - until I get a network cable. Blu Tooth will have to do for awhile, given it’s only bedside use.

And/or, once this is all over, look for a different router.

That’s odd have you contacted Niam direct ? My Muso’s all connect…

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