Naim Muso Qb2

I think you will find that if you plug an ethernet connection (not just a cable!) into a Qb2 that is using WiFi, it switches over to using ethernet and does indeed turn off the WiFi in the Qb2. This is what the old Qb does anyway and I can’t see why Naim wouldn’t replicate that in the Qb2.



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That’s what I said.

Plus, on the original Qb, originally it would only default to whatever was in use and had to be ‘forced’ to use Ethernet with a proper power cycle.

No, the original Qb doesn’t need a power cycle. You just have to be patient. It picks up the ethernet after about a minute. I know because I do this often with my Qb. Similarly if you unplug the ethernet after about a minute it picks up the WiFi. No power cycle is required.



I have had my Qb2 for a week or so. My initial impression was that the sound is leaner, perhaps more detailed but less warm than my Qb1. I expect that with a period of running in the sound will improve but I have been a tad disappointed so far. The remote is a great addition.

And i quote from page 8 of the manual…

" 2.2 Wired Network Connection
To connect Mu-so to a local network using a wired
connection follow the steps below:

• Disconnect Mu-so from mains power.

• Connect Mu-so to your local network router using a
standard Ethernet cable.

After a few moments Mu-so should be available for
streaming on your home network. The Mu-so status
indicator will illuminate white."

Ok but I’m just saying what actually works in practice. Naim is not known for the quality of its user manuals.

Give it a try. You might be surprised!



Can the Qb be configured to emit no light when in operation? And when not out-putting sound but on standby?

When the Qb is in standby the only light is the power switch symbol on the top volume control. I don’t think you can configure this to be off.

In a dark room the light from the symbol is bright enough to light up the wall behind the unit, but it’s not really a problem and you could always put a sock over it or something!

Similarly when it’s playing, although you can configure the bright white base light to be off, you will get the lights from the different symbols on the top volume control. There are more of them when it’s playing than when in standby.

Ah. This might be a problem then. I was looking for something that didn’t illuminate when on…

You can put the device in cleaning mode, which disables the top volume control and the touch controls within it. Then you could cover the volume control with a piece of carefully cut black card or similar. You will still have the network status light on the back, but that is small and low down at the back. It could also be covered over easily enough.


Might be a work-round. I just need to persuade SWMBO!

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