Naim Muso (s/w 1.8.0) crashes when Spotify used

I have a Naim Muso running firmware 1.8.0 connected by wired ethernet. All worked fine until a few days ago, when trying to start streaming to it using Spotify on any iOS device causes it to crash. The symptom is that the iOS device shows “Connecting” (which never succeeds), and the device stops responding to ping, the web interface no longer works, other sound input (e.g. radio) cannot be manually selected, etc. Power cycling the device fixes this (until Spotify is used again). Streaming using Airplay from the same iOS devices works fine (but obviously is more power hungry on the iOS device as the stream is passing through it). I suspect an update to the Spotify App caused this change in behaviour. There appears to be no newer firmware than 1.8.0. Any ideas?

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