Naim muso

For sale at Richer sounds for £999 - very competitive price and c£300 cheaper than when launched.

I enjoy my original but interesting to see a Naim product be discounted by c25%


They’ve probably got a lot of stock.

A customer bought a Muso yesterday, then got refunded (we had it ready to handover). Don’t know why as I didn’t serve them. Wish I had…could’ve persuaded them to keep it.
Hopefully it was just they didn’t realise how big & heavy it was, boxed (happens all the time with audio/TV) and opted to change the order to delivery.

Perhaps they suddenly realised where it could lead them. Start with a Muso…


I recently bought a 2nd Generation Muso and Muso QB from Richer Sounds. Really great prices.

I already had both devices in the first versions. The 2nd Generation is significantly better.


My dealer is offering them for £949. Black Friday deal.

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Peter Tyson is selling a Naim Mu-so Wood Edition for £999 (normal price £1,599). Can someone tell me is this a Gen 2 in a wooden box or is it a 1st Gen ?

Okay, i’ve just noticed it’s got a HDMI socket so it must be a Gen 2. But that is a great discount.

Great price especially with six year warranty.

Rather smart the wood edition…. Reading the blurb it does indicate it’s a 2 based on how I read it!

Wood finish is definitely a gen 2 model, the original was (by mistake temporarily named “champagne” until a rethink following a “cease or desist” order) “dune” or Bentley edition only.

These wooden muso 2s have been available sub £1k for a while now. Boight mine from Sevenoaks a few months back. I assumed naim were running them out, either in prep for a new model or just end of that product. Either way, still sounds good.

Bought one a couple of months ago from Peter Tyson and can confirm gen 2.
I was initially disappointed with its performance but after time projection has improved and the bass tightened, others here have tried better isolation feet/platform and mains cable, which I’ll do also at some point.

There are limited options with the mains cable. There aren’t too many figure of 8 types out there. I did try one from mcru, cant ssy it was night and day, but kept it anyway.

Yes, I have come across the thread ‘Muso Transformed’, a fellow member @simoncs has reported some positive success with an AudioQuest (NRG-Z2) mains cable.
On the question of isolation, I have found the Townshend Podiums transformational under my Kudos Titan t88s and that is an itch I shall probably scratch at some point.


I came across Peter Tyson having an open box with a further discount, which meant I could resist no longer.
The Muso 2 replaced a Sonos Play 5 gen 1, which I was and still am very pleased with vfm, though the Muso is in a different league and possibly bettered with a bit of tweaking.

They were giving them away with a NDX2 here a few months ago as being heavily discounted. Sounds like they maybe having problems shifting them, think a lot folk think they’ve become too expensive.

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:thinking: Interesting, was the NDX2. also discounted or was that in place of?
Maybe coastwise, given the discount I got on my ND555.

No, you just got it as a bonus when you purchased the NDX2

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Just looking at the Black Friday deals in NZ, $3K off a new 250 DR and $4K off a new 252. $450 of the Oak Muso.