Naim NA CDX face ( near digital display )


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I want to ask about the front / face of Naim NA CDX, on the right side of the digital display, is there a version that looks like a black block? If I look at the web / google, it seems that there is no black color.

is it some kind of protective isolation or what?

For more details, I have included a photo of the black part that I mean

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That isn’t there on my CDX

One for @Richard.Dane or @NeilS , I think.

Doesn’t look right, to me… :thinking:

It looks like a CD2 fascia.


Indeed that is a CD2 - note there is no “program” light.


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Yes, you are right, the front looks like a CD2, it looks like my seller gave the wrong photo …

One more thing … in my stereophile, I read that Naim CDX is able to read HDCD discs, when an HDCD disc is inserted, it says the HDCD writing indicator will appear for a moment and then disappear. Where is this HDCD writing on the front panel of the CDX?

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The LED display will briefly show “HDCD” after you insert an HDCD encoded disc.


Not just the CDX… My CDX2 reads HDCD’s too…! I would think that the CDS, CDS2 & CDS3 are likely to also work with them… :thinking:

CDX and CDSII use the PMD100 HDCD filter.
CDX2, CDS3, CD555, CD5x, and CD5xs use the PMD200 HDCD filter.

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Has anyone actually seen a HDCD? And how HD is it?
And yes the cd5xs should do something if fed with one.

I have a number of CD’s which are ‘HD’ - but don’t shout about it.
Some King Crimson remasters are HDCD I think…?

oh I see, on seven segmen display that have 4 digit position

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